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A woman shows off neon coffin nails with 3d nail art, two of summer 2022's nail trends

Summer’s Trendiest Nail Art Is Soooo Extra, According To Manicure Experts

The artist behind MGK’s 30K mani weighs in.

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I knew what 2022’s summer nail trends would be when MGK wore $30,000 worth of diamonds on his nails to the BBMAs. Using only my beauty editor clairvoyance and the omens (aka memes) on Instagram, I foresaw this season’s biggest nail trends were going to be extra.

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Spring nail trends, like coffin nails and neon pastels, have evolved. Summer nails are longer, louder, and, yes, we’re getting paramours' initials painted on our fingers. Ahead, three industry insiders offer their hot takes on summer 2022’s nail trends.

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