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Sophie Turner Went Red Again & Sansa Stark Is Back, Baby

I need my hair to be this color.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever since Game of Thrones ended in 2019, Sophie Turner has been rocking platinum blonde hair. After three years of the icy shade, it seemed like Sansa Stark’s red hair was gone for good. But, that’s not the case. Turner has returned to ginger hair just in time for summer, and the color is almost exactly the same as her GoT character’s.

The reveal first happened when the paparazzi got a photo of Turner and her husband Joe Jonas incognito at an Atlanta Braves and L.A. Dodgers game on June 6. As always, the couple looked deliriously happy, but what really caught fans’ attention was the red hair piled atop her head. She later confirmed the transformation with a mirror selfie posted on her Instagram story. While you can’t see her face, the auburn color is clear as day. However, the pièce de résistance from the post may be the Olivia Rodrigo SOUR shirt she’s wearing. She even tagged the 18-year-old singer in it.

I honestly never thought Turner would return to red hair. She herself started wearing wigs during season seven of GoT because she was too in love with being blonde to go back to Stark’s color. “Red, it’s a gorgeous color, but I’ve always wanted to style it one way: classic, waves. I feel so comfortable being blonde and much more like a ‘cool girl,’” she told Elle back in 2018.

Courtesy of Sophie Turner on Instagram

This change may not just be out of nostalgia or a desire to switch things up. Turner has recently been cast in The Staircase, HBO Max’s new true-crime series. The real-life story is about the mysterious death of Kathleen Peterson. In the series, Turner will play the redheaded Margaret Ratliff, Peterson’s adopted daughter.

It remains to be seen if Turner will fall back in love with her red hair or if she’ll be back to blonde when filming’s over, so enjoy this dye job while it lasts. To me, however, it doesn’t matter what color Turner’s working. She’ll always be a cool girl.