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Skincare By Hyram Is Dropping Selfless By Hyram, His Own Skin Care Brand


Following countless videos, skin care how-tos, and more than a few well-intentioned hot takes, skin care influencer Hyram Yarbro is making the jump from your screen to your bathroom counter. Known to fans as his YouTube handle, Skincare by Hyram, Yarbro will drop Selfless by Hyram, a philanthropic skin care brand developed in partnership with affordable skin care brand The Inkey List. Yarbro announced the impending launch on Tuesday, June 1 in a YouTube video detailing the intent behind Selfless by Hyram.

Since 2017, Yarbro has documented his “personal skin care learning journey” on YouTube, sharing easy-to-digest information about ingredients, products, and routines that demystify some of the complicated jargon and gatekeeping common in the industry. “What I didn’t expect was to find a community of people who have so much love to share, supported me through every step, and were equally as passionate about skin care,” Yarbro says toward the start of the announcement video. “I’ve seen firsthand the power skin care has in unlocking my own confidence and other people’s confidence. It is incredibly inspiring and goes so much deeper than just products.” Yarbro acknowledges the impact skin care can have on an individual when it comes to self-empowerment, but with an oversaturated market touting self-love, sometimes unauthentically, he says in the video he was set on introducing an innovative brand centered on social change — one the world has yet to see.

“Every [Selfless] product has a direct impact on two of the most pressing global issues of our time: clean drinking water and climate change. Every time you purchase a healthy, quality product, one person is provided with clean drinking water for one year. For every climate impact product purchased, you are helping fight climate change by protecting land from deforestation all over the world,” Yarbro continues. “We pushed ourselves to develop a new standard for ingredient transparency and sustainability. And each ingredient is mindfully sourced to ensure we’re empowering, not harming, the communities or natural regions where they’re from.” While the brand intends to start with initiatives supporting health and the environment through partnerships with Rainforest Trust and Thirst Project, Selfless plans to later launch initiatives in support of education and empowerment organizations.

Yarbro was also committed to ensuring Selfless’ formulas hold up to his well-known personal standard: gentle yet effective actives and ingredients that won’t cause irritation. On top of that, he was evidently keen to address his followers’ biggest skin care concerns. “I’ve read thousands of your comments, emails, and messages expressing what you look for in a skin care product, and I listened,” he says later in the video. “We intentionally formulated each of our products to balance your skin concerns and scientific research to develop incredible formulas.”

Overall, Selfless appears to be Yarbro’s love letter to the world, yes, but more importantly to his millions of fans, who he says have been a welcome lifeline during times of distress. “Through my time on YouTube, I’ve been through some serious lows, whether it be the depression I was experiencing when I first started my channel or when I tried to take my own life two years ago,” he said. “You guys have been there for me every single step of the way and have showed nothing but unconditional love and support — something that up until this moment, I never really got to experience.”

Selfless by Hyram will launch globally on and in Sephora stores in 29 countries come June 24. The brand will reveal its product lineup — a total of five items, to start — over the next few weeks. Until launch, you can head to the Selfless by Hyram website for a deeper look into how the “ambitious” brand is aiming to equip consumers with “the opportunity to change the world one product at a time.”