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Simone Biles in an 88 pound dress at The 2021 Met Gala

Simone Biles Carried The Entire Met Gala On Her Back With An 88-Pound Dress

How is she real???

by Ani Bundel
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Simone Biles was prepared to carry the entire U.S. Gymnastics team on her back for the 2021 Olympics, but then reality hit. Biles conquered her case of the twisties, earning her the respect of a nation and taking home a bronze medal. Her return has been a celebrity whirlwind, including an invite to the storied Met Gala. But Simone Biles’ 2021 Met Gala dress proved that she’s no slouch when it comes to pulling her weight, with a dress that weighed a whopping 88 (!!) pounds.

Like so many of tonight’s celebrities, Biles chose a dress from Area, a New York City-based fashion label founded in 2014 by designers Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Pansczczyk, who met at Parsons. (Yes, the Parsons where Project Runway is filmed.) The relatively new label is far from traditional, with no backers and no mass marketing. Instead, they function via word of mouth and create looks celebrities love.

Biles is a fan of the design team and its off-the-wall creations like her 2021 Met Gala look. The dress featured a skin-tight, high-neck bodysuit with star-shaped embellishments, wrapped by a massive cloud of structured silver beading that ended in a giant, show-stopping train.

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Biles revealed the dress weighed an astounding 88 pounds with all the delicate and intricate beadwork and the giant flared hip bustles. The dress was so heavy, Biles had an entire bevy of attendants to help spread the train of the gown for photographers.

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Her hair was styled in a simple slicked-down pony that hung in a cloud of curls. Other than her long, diamond-drop waterfall earrings and a few matching rings, the rest of Biles’ look stayed simple. Her makeup was kept light, with a simple smokey eye and a neutral lip, letting the dress do all the talking.

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Even though Biles was decked out in silver, her gown takes home Olympic gold.