Mikayla Nogueira posing with her first ever makeup collection designed with Glamlite.
8 Of The Best Mikayla Nogueira Makeup Looks

She’s always such a vibe.

Courtesy of Glamlite

When it comes to TikTok makeup gurus, there’s one person who sits above and beyond the rest. Mikayla Nogueira shot to fame due to her incredibly honest reviews, glamorous looks, and authenticity on the app. As soon as there’s a new beauty hack trending on TikTok, she’s always the first person I turn to. Not to mention, her Boston accent had me at hello. Even though she’s only been in the spotlight for a short time, Nogueira is constantly turning out the most impressive makeup I’ve ever seen.

The TikToker’s account going viral didn’t happen overnight, but it feels like it was pretty close. In just eight months, Nogueira went from zero to 2.8 million followers. As of Dec. 2, 2021, she now stands at 9 million, and I have no doubt she’ll keep growing. But TikTok hasn’t been the only thing Nogueira’s been up to. This past summer, Nogueira launched her first-ever makeup collab with Glamlite, and it almost immediately sold out.

With all of her laurels, let’s not forget what first made fans fall in love with Nogueira: her masterful makeup looks. In honor of her never-ending slate of impressive skills, here are Nogueira’s best beauty looks to date. Take it from me, one look at these and you’ll be googling tutorials to recreate on your own in no time.

Purple Glamlite Look

There are deep purples, light pinks, sky blues, and so much shimmer happening on her lids with this look, I’m truly overwhelmed. To create this rainbow look, Nogueira just tapped into her Glamlite collection, which you can get for $89.

Starburst Look

While the yellow and pink would be enough to make this look eye-catching, Nogueira added two wings of white eyeliner to really make everything pop. You can even follow along with her tutorial on TikTok to try your own hand at it. Although she says she doesn’t like the color combo, the spring style is really fun.

Sparkle Look

This sequined, goggle eyeshadow even beats out Maddy from Euphoria when it comes to sparkle. I can’t even begin to guess how long it took to individually place each of those gems, and she did it so evenly without a hint of a gap between them.

Green Goals Look

What I love about this green moment is that it’s not what Nogueira usually goes for. For this look, she just packed the color under her eyes and kept her top lids bare for a graphic, unique style. And, I’d be remiss to not shout out her beautifully blushy cheeks.

Champagne Holiday Look

The champagne shimmer, white eyeliner, and brown notes make this one of the most glamorous holiday looks to ever grace Instagram. While the eyeshadow is definitely the show stealer, Nogueira’s brushed-up brows are so trendy and well defined, I can’t tear my eyes away.

Blue Spider Web Look

Charlotte has nothing on the glimmering spider web Nogueira created for Halloween. As always, she included a sharp wing to make this look somehow even more dramatic. My favorite detail, however, might be how perfectly she matched her lips to the rest of her face.

Dunkaroos ‘90s Look

Nogueira broke out the entire rainbow for a look inspired by Dunkaroos merch. At first glance, this eyeshadow seems impossible to recreate, but hearing Nogueira explain her process makes it sound beyond doable.

Valentine’s Day Look

Although Nogueira often likes to load up the color, her Valentine’s Day makeup leaves a lot of blank space to let her eyes breathe and the heart gems pop. Even her lips get in on the glitter, for a face that’s opulent from top to bottom.

It may be time to finally wash your brushes, so you can have all the accuracy you need to recreate Nogueira’s stunning makeup looks.