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These Iconic Lil Nas X Looks Will Make The *Ideal* Halloween Costumes

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Lil Nas X is one of the most iconic stars to grace the 21st century. From his Grammy-winning music to his conceptual music videos and always-on-point style, he’s a force to be reckoned with, no matter the discipline. Given his history of wearing the most jaw-dropping fits, Lil Nas X’s fashion archives make for the perfect Halloween costume inspiration.

The “Industry Baby” rapper is a master of many aesthetics. He’s rocked Western à la “Old Town Road,” brought warrior to the 2021 Met Gala, and transformed into a darkly feathered angel for the MTV Video Music Awards. He even has a penchant for graphic and exciting makeup. His power knows no bounds.

Just because his looks are bold, bright, and over the top, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank trying to pay homage to Lil Nas X. You can get his editorial, high-fashion styles at a Halloween-acceptable price. And, given how stylish the rapper’s tastes are, you’ll probably be wearing pieces of your Lil Nas X Halloween costume over and over again well after the spooky holiday has come and gone. So, scope out the below Lil Nas X Halloween costumes, and everyone will be calling you by his name by the end of the night.

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Lil Nas X Halloween Costume: 2021 Met Gala Armor

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/Getty Images

Lil Nas X stunned at the 2021 Met Gala with his three-in-one look designed by Versace. It’s impossible to pick a favorite, but his gold-plated armor was definitely one for the books. He finished it off with a subtle, small wing of matching gold eyeliner.

Although this jumpsuit is *technically* from Wonder Woman 1984, you can easily make it work for your Lil Nas X-inspired Halloween costume. Adding a cuff, like iLLASPARKZ’ Wide Metal Amor Bracelet ($20, iLLASPARKZ), will give your costume more of a 3-D feel, similar to the rapper’s suit on the Met steps.

Lil Nas X Halloween Costume: 2022 VMAs ‘Fit

Gotham/WireImage/Getty Images

Lil Nas X’s 2022 VMAs ‘fit was the stuff of legends. Finally, the rapper was given the halo he deserved. While you can’t pull off an exact replica of this halo and feathered hoop skirt on a regular human being budget, you can get pretty close. That said, be warned. To achieve this iconic look, you’ll need to skip the standard Halloween costume angel halos and get a little crafty.

To create the feel of Lil Nas X’s gorgeous feathered corona, use some craft twine to attach this feathered wreath to a simple shoulder harness like this one from Hot Topic that costs under $11. For the bottom half of your fit, you’ll want a hoop skirt you won’t need a handler to walk around in, so opt for one like this Light In The Box underskirt that costs less than $30. If you’re confident with a glue gun, go all in and layer some feather boas around your skirt.

Lil Nas X Halloween Costume: Pink Footballer

Aaron Idelson

Lil Nas X is a huge football fan. He included the sport in his “That’s What I Want” video, on his tour, and even had a costume football uniform with a ton of rhinestones custom-made for his birthday this year.

While his sequined football uniforms are undeniably striking, unless you have a lot of skill with a BeDazzler and plenty of time on your hand, those looks will be pretty hard to recreate. Instead, you can just go with a pink jersey like one and some white bottoms.

Lil Nas X Halloween Costume: Leather Cowboy

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

This year, why not throw it back to Lil Nas X’s cowboy days? It’s been a few years since “Old Town Road” dominated the airways, but the 23-year-old’s sexy, Western looks are still near and dear to fans’ hearts. One of his most memorable looks from those days had to be his all-pink, leather cowboy look from the 2022 Grammy. So, get ready to look like one of the rootin’-est, tootin’-est, pinkest cowboys out there.

To really put your “Old Town Road” look together, you’ll want a pair of leather trousers like Emmoil’s Cut Out Pants, Rainbow Shop’s Moto Jacket, and Hard’n’Heavy’s Punk Leather Body Harness. Last, but certainly not least, your costume won’t be complete without Yandy’s Old Town Cowboy Hat.

Lil Nas X Halloween Costume: Montero State Prison Scrubs

Lil Nas X/YouTube

Feel like keeping things pink, but being bad? If so, Lil Nas X’s prisoner look from the “Industry Baby” music video is a great choice for your Halloween costume. It even has Jack Harlow’s seal of approval. Now, you just memorize all of Lil Nas X’s amazing dance moves before heading out.

There’s no need to go on an internet deep-dive hunting for a pink, prison jumpsuit because Lil Nas X has your back. On his merch site, the Scrub Set is all you need to buy to get the look.

Lil Nas X Halloween Costume: Montero Album Art

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lil Nas X’s Montero album art is so meaningful to him that he’s brought it everywhere from the Grammys Red Carpet to his Long Live Montero tour costumes. One of his most over-the-top ‘fits featuring the bright blue butterfly design is a sequined, butterfly look with big wings he’s been wearing on tour.

A white crop top and matching pants will get you close to the outfit Lil Nas X has been wearing on stage, but the wings are really the stars of this show. You can get all the same flutter action as the rapper with this set of gorgeous butterfly wings.

Lil Nas X Halloween Costume: 2020 Billboard Music Awards Green Snakeskin Suit

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When accepting the Billboard Music Award for Billboard’s Hot 100 Song, Lil Nas X gave off major Prince-vibes in his snakeskin suit. The lime green print is beyond eye-catching, and you’ll find yourself using any excuse to break out a lookalike ‘fit.

Know Fashion Style’s Snake Printing Set will allow you to rock a sexy take on Lil Nas X’s suit. You may want to break out one of your old soccer trophies and practice an acceptance speech to really sell this costume.

Lil Nas X Halloween Costume: “Call Me By Your Name” Blue Council Member

Courtesy of Lil Nas X/Youtube

There were a lot of stunning looks from Lil Nas X’s “Call Me By Your Name” music video. One of the easiest to copy is one of the blue council member’s patchwork denim outfits. To match, Lil Nas X also had on an icy blue wig and matching eyeshadow, so you can break out the makeup palettes for this one.

Alongside a patchwork denim jacket like Fashion Nova’s Peace Out Jacket, you’ll need an eccentric wig like this Marg Wig to make your Halloween look as accurate as possible. Just be careful about maintaining your balance once it’s in place.

Lil Nas X Halloween Costume: “That’s What I Want” Bride Outfit

Lil Nas X/YouTube

Everyone loves a messy bride or at least they do on Halloween. For his music video “That’s What I Want,” Lil Nas X wore a full ballgown-style wedding dress that was overflowing with tulle. He paired the dress with a dramatic veil and wore a white blazer as well. The dramatic, eyeliner tear stains were just the perfect touch.

Wedding dresses aren’t cheap or easy to move in, so you will have to MacGyver this look together a bit. First and foremost, a full skirt is necessary, so add this Midi Tulle Skirt to your cart. It’s not as long as Lil Nas X’s, but will be much easier to move around in on Halloween. Layer on a white blazer and a wedding veil like DHGate’s Tulle Wedding Veil. Last, but not least, smear on some tear-streaked black makeup to complete your look.

Lil Nas X Halloween Costume: His Least Favorite Look

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Lil Nas X has been clowning himself for one specific look from his past, so you would be remiss not to break it out for Halloween. The ‘fit in question is one he wore to Variety's Hitmakers Brunch in 2019 and features an orange snake print top and orange pants.

PrettyLittleThing has high-waisted orange pants not too dissimilar to Lil Nas X’s pair to get you started. Orange snake print, on the other hand, is a bit harder to track down. You can, however, get close with this top from Shein. You can always warm the tone up with some orange dye if you want an even closer match.

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