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Kylie Cosmetics' Batman collection in front of a black background

Kylie Jenner's New Batman Makeup Collection Is No Joke(r)

Turn your dark night looks into Dark Knight lewks.

Anyone else ready to start some “vigilante sh*t”? Between Taylor Swift’s upcoming Midnights album and the spookiest holiday of them all, Halloween, happening within the next two weeks, there’s no better time for Kylie Jenner to release one of her most daring drops yet. In collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Comics, Kylie Cosmetics is releasing a Batman Collection. That’s right, an entire five-piece launch dedicated to the Caped Crusader.

One month after the debut of the second Kris Collection — which was inspired by Kris Jenner’s love of florals and martinis — the cosmetics brand announced a fun deviation from Kylie’s frequent collaborations with her family members and friends. Perfectly timed ahead of Halloween, the Kylie Cosmetics x Batman Collection has everything you need for a Dark Knight-inspired makeup look, including all the following products:

Even if you’re not planning on dressing like the masked vigilante himself, there are plenty of shades within the pressed powder palette — which is designed to mimic a comic book — alone that lend themselves to dressing like other characters in Gotham. There’s Batgirl, an icy white with blue shimmer; Riddle Me This, an army green, for The Riddler; The Joker, a cream with pink and gold shimmer; and Sidekick, a cream beige, for your Robin costume, just to name a few.

Even if you have no plans to look like anyone within the DC Comics world, you can still get your hands on the drop and never get bored. “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I’ve always been a huge fan of Batman,” Kylie said in a press release. “This year, I drew inspiration from the incredible library of Batman comics to create a collection that could influence so many different Halloween looks.”

So far, influencers, makeup artists, and beauty brand founders have expressed their love of the collection’s packaging. “OK, this is actually a sick collab: Kylie and Batman,” TikTok star Tinx said of the launch on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Oct. 18. “The packaging just keeps getting cooler and cooler. The collabs just keep getting cooler and cooler.” All that’s left is to get the reviews of the products themselves. Dun dun dun. Or, should I say, da na na na na na na na...

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The Kylie Cosmetics x Batman Collection will be available on starting at 12 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 19.