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Jennifer Lopez wears one of J.Lo's most memorable red carpet looks reimagined for the Versace runway

J.Lo Got Real About Her Red Carpet Past, From "Poo-Poo Color" To Versace

She’s a critical icon.


Jennifer Lopez quotes are always both enlightening and delightful. In a recent “73 Questions” interview with Vogue, J.Lo dropped her real opinions on her most memorable red carpet looks along with an F-bomb, plus her go-to bodega order from her “Jenny From The Block” days. While each sneak peek into the Marry Me star’s past was tasty, the tea got piping hot when it came to J.Lo’s thoughts on her iconic looks. Not only did she get real about everyone’s favorite navel-skimming green Versace gown, but she had some words to say about her first-ever premiere ‘fit, and those words include “poo-poo.” Photos of J.Lo’s “sandy poo-poo color” dress prove that the Selena actor might be too hard on herself, but no shade to a self-reflective star.

When Vogue drops a new “73 Questions” video interview, you know a celeb is going to reveal *something.* Back in April, Blake Lively, queen of the color-changing gown, admitted that she purposely matches her Met Gala ‘fits to the carpet outside the event. J.Lo’s big reveal was also carpet-related, but just a tad less grand than Lively’s retrospective revelation. In her Vogue interview on Wednesday, Nov. 30, the A.K.A. singer whipped out her trademark sense of humor as she recalled the dress she wore to the Los Angeles premiere of Mi Vida Loca in 1994.

“It was a kind of rayon blend polyester mini dress in kind of a sandy poo-poo color with buttons,” J.Lo said of the look. Apparently, time did not make the “On The Floor” singer’s heart grow fonder when it came to this outfit. The dress in question isn’t awful, but it certainly doesn’t capture the glamour J.Lo is now associated with.

Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

When asked about her favorite look of all time, J.Lo couldn’t narrow it down to a single ‘fit — the J.Lo fashion archives are vast, so can you blame her? — but she did say which infamous look *wasn’t* her favorite. “People would think it’s the green Versace dress because it’s the most famous, but I would probably have to say it’s too hard to choose,” she admitted.