Jenna Ortega glowing on the red carpet at a Golden Globes after party.

Here’s What Jenna Ortega Uses To Get Her Serious Glow

It’s surprisingly simple.

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It's been an incredibly busy past couple years for Jenna Ortega. The actor's career has been on the fast track ever since she appeared in Iron Man 3 as the Vice President's daughter. Now, at only 18, Jenna Ortega has starred in Yes Day, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, the second season of You, and The Fallout. She's currently working on a new adaption of the Scream series. Somehow, in between all of this, she still has time for a full skin care routine morning and night, even adding a new title to her already impressive resume: Neutrogena Brand Ambassador. Ortega's relationship with the heritage skin care brand goes way back. "I've really only ever grown up with Neutrogena in my house," she tells me during a recent interview.

Like a true middle sibling, Ortega gleaned most of her secrets from her two older sisters. "I always felt my best when I used [my sisters'] products; they're super effective and have just always been my go-to." Effective is right. Even over a pixelated Zoom, the actor was glowing, from her cheekbones to her glossy nude lips.

It seems Ortega's beauty routine hasn't changed much since learning from her siblings, although she’s added her own flair over time. She sticks to the same, basic routine for both morning and night, consistently reaching for her favorites: the Pink Grapefruit Face Wash ($10, Neutrogena) and the Pink Grapefruit Moisturizer ($9, Neutrogena). Although Ortega says she hasn't been wearing much makeup as of late, she likes to use one of Neutrogena's primers, like the Glow Primer Serum ($13, Neutrogena), before applying anything. To take off all the makeup, dirt, and fake blood her various characters bring to the table, she goes with old faithful, Neutrogena's Makeup Remover Wipes ($6, Neutrogena).

The ~flair~ comes in the form of her own DIY face masks every once in a while, to give her skin a little extra love. "I'll do, like, anything that has apple cider vinegar, every once in a while. I say every once in a while, because ... they could be very, very strong,” she says. “If I'm in a place where I've been doing a lot of stage work, I might do [a mask] just to give my skin a clean slate.”

Of course, Pink Grapefruit and a mask can only take a person so far. Now, Ortega realizes the importance of regular sunscreen use on top of skin care routines, but it wasn’t always like that. "Growing up, I didn't realize that sunscreen was such a big thing, and I really only started getting into sunscreen maybe in this past year, year and a half,” she says. “Because I never burn; I tan really easily. I was like, I don't need it, it's going to block my tan or whatever.” Who better to deliver a big “no” to that mindset than Jennifer Garner, Ortega’s Yes Day co-star who plays her sweet, yet strict mother. “It's literally just saving you from skin cancer. And [Garner] would tell me that almost every day." Ortega is now a consistent Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Mist Sunscreen ($18, Ulta Beauty) convert.

Between all the products and suspicious liquids Ortega gets doused in for work — and the sheer amount of products most celebrities use — it's hard to believe her skin care routine could be so simple, or more importantly how she can get it all off at the end of the day. And she gets that. "You would think that the process to take all of that off would be very tedious and taxing, but I have such faith in what I'm using ... I'm really in bed so fast after I get home, it's ridiculous," she says with a light laugh.

If that means a quick-and-easy routine like Ortega’s is what I need to wake up with a glow as bright as hers, you already know I’m all over it. Shop Ortega's faves below.

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