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The BLOOMA bag from IKEA's BLOMMA collection is held in a meadow full of wildflowers.

IKEA's Midsommar Fashion Collection Is Free, And It’s Begging To Be Worn On A Picnic

Normcore meets May Queen.

Courtesy of IKEA

Attention all fans of horror movies, wildflowers, and Midsommar, the Swedish celebration of the summer solstice: There is a new limited-edition fashion collection you’re about to be very into, courtesy of everyone’s favorite home goods playground, IKEA. On Friday, June 24, IKEA is launching a Midsommar collection called BLOMMA, a three-piece fashion line featuring everything you need to lounge around a meadow in style.

IKEA’s BLOMMA line includes a bucket hat, a tote, and a classic tee. While not as intense as Florence Pugh’s iconic flower dress from the 2019 indie horror movie Midsommar, the vibe of the collection is very much a celebration of summertime. Each of the three pieces in the collection features a unique take on the Swedish summertime celebration, whether through bright pops of color, delicate floral designs, or lightweight materials.

The BLOMMA Hat is a soft, natural white and is decorated with a subtle spray of elderflowers. According to IKEA, these specific flowers were chosen for two reasons: to evoke flower crowns traditionally worn during Midsommar and as a nod to the elderflower flavor found in many summertime drinks. The BLOMMA Bag is decorated with a double-sided design. One side is decorated with Midsommar festival elements including wreaths, wildflowers, and sunbeams while the other displays the name of the holiday in a block letter design.

Courtesy of IKEA

Similarly, the front of the BLOMMA Shirt is decorated with a delicate floral pattern while the back of the shirt reads “Midsommar” in bright yellow block letters decorated with colorful flowers. But the bright and summery design isn’t even the best part of IKEA’s BLOMMA collection. The best part is actually the fact that all three pieces are entirely free. Much like the transcendent joy one feels in a field of wildflowers, you can get BLOMMA for zero dollars. Unlike meadow joy though, you have to be an IKEA Family member to snag this merch.

Courtesy of IKEA

From June 24 to June 26, peak Midsommar celebration time in Sweden, IKEA Family members can enter to win items from the BLOMMA collection in IKEA stores across the country. The loyalty program is free to join (and helped me furnish my first apartment), so it’s actually a good one to be a member of, beyond the perk of potentially flexing in some limited-edition wildflower merch. I wish you all happy hunting and, who knows, maybe I’ll see you at the IKEA in Elizabeth, NJ, on Friday, June 24.