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A woman rips off a Mighty Patch Chin pimple patch

4 Elite Daily Editors Review Hero Cosmetics’ Mighty Patch Chin

Buh-bye blemishes.

Hero Cosmetics
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No matter the cause of their existence, stubborn blemishes have a way of popping up — and staying put — at some of the worst moments (read: your prom, the first day of school, the day of your birthday party, etc.). And if chin acne is your No. 1 nemesis, you’ve likely gone to great lengths trying to clear up a sudden breakout ASAP. With the intention of targeting the full problem area overnight, Hero Cosmetics recently released the Mighty Patch Chin, an XL bandage that aims to soak up your pimple oils and shrink whiteheads overnight, or in six to eight hours. To put these hydrocolloid patches to the test, four Elite Daily editors gave the Mighty Patch Chins a whirl.

Fast Facts:

  • Brand: Hero Cosmetics
  • Price: $17.99 for 10 patches
  • Clean/Cruelty-Free?: Yes. According to the company, it’s free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. It’s also vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.
  • Who this is best for: Oily/combination skin types
  • What we like: Easy to use and comfortable
  • What we don't like: The size wasn’t ideal for everyone, and some pimples got left behind
  • Our rating: 3.8/5

How Does The Mighty Patch Chin Work?

The Mighty Patch Chin is made of 100% medical-grade hydrocolloid, a gel that sucks up excess oil from pimples and reduces inflammation. When you peel off the patch, you should see little white specks to know that it absorbed your zit gunk.

To use the patch, cleanse and dry your skin first. Then, place the patch on your chin for six to eight hours. When the transparent patch turns white, you’ll know it’s time to take it off.

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Our Skin & Acne

“Right now, my skin is very dry. I keep my skin care routine simple: basically cleanse, moisturize (and moisturize some more), and the occasional vitamin C serum. I've used hydrocolloid patches in the past for blemishes that were very raised and not easy to cover with makeup. I like them for taking down the size of a pimple, but it really only works for me if they've come to a head.” — Collette Reitz, Experiences Editor

“I have combination skin, which includes dryness around the eyes and cheekbones, cystic acne on my cheeks, and hormonal acne across my oily chin. Among other things, I regularly use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser as my daily cleanser and COSRX's Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream as my moisturizer. I'm also a frequent user of COSRX's pimple patches (which has always been really effective on my breakouts) — this is far from my first hydrocolloid patch rodeo.” — Kaitlin Cubria, Deputy Editor, Experiences & Style

“I have combination skin that kind of leans more oily most of the time. I've had terrible acne most of my life, but it’s definitely gotten better (thanks to Accutane). My main concern right now are my giant pores, specifically on my nose. I don’t know what to do with them. I regularly use a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and masks, and when I have a pimple, I’ll throw on a cute pimple patch. (My go-to at the moment are the BT21 hydrocolloid patches from The Crème Shop.) So, this isn’t my first rodeo with a hydrocolloid patch. In fact, I’ve tried the Mighty Patches for my nose, hoping to clear out those giant pores I’ve been cursed with.” — Rachel Chapman, Staff Writer

“My skin is super oily and very sensitive. Because I have so many allergies, I don’t try new products too often out of fear my skin will get irritated or break out hives, so this is my first time using a hydrocolloid patch. These days, I mostly get hormonal acne, and I happened to test out the patches when I was on my period and breaking out on my chin.” — Michelle Toglia, Executive Editor

First Impressions

“I've only used the small patches, so right away the large size of the chin patch stood out to me. I was surprised how well it fit on my chin without really bubbling or creasing. I had a little bit of difficulty getting it off the sheet at first, but once I did, it stayed on all night.” — Collette Reitz, Experiences Editor

“I was surprised that the patch didn't cover more surface area; my chin pimples actually bookended the edges of the patch, so most of them didn't get covered. It felt like putting a soft piece of Scotch tape on my chin — but not in an annoying way.” —Kaitlin Cubria, Deputy Editor, Experiences & Style

“I really like how comfortable the Mighty Chin Patches are and also how clear they are. It really doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything, which is great if you’re wearing it during the workday and have to jump on a Zoom call real quick. I also thought it was fun when I pulled my patch off and saw some of the white ‘pimple gunk.’” — Rachel Chapman, Staff Writer

“I was surprised by how comfy the patch was. When I first saw it, I thought it was going to be stiff and sticky but it was actually very soft and flexible. I tested it during the day and I hardly noticed it was there as I was working. I was happy to see its size, too — it covered up pretty much all of my breakout.” — Michelle Toglia, Executive Editor

The Results

“I don't know that I can speak to the true effectiveness of the patch because I didn't really have any chin blemishes when I used it, but I did notice it pulled out junk I maybe didn't know was there. When I took off the patch in the morning, I saw little white dots that I assumed were small, flat blemishes I couldn't see, so it was nice to know even without a big problem, the patch still did something — all while I was sleeping.” — Collette Reitz, Experiences Editor

“In terms of efficacy, the one pimple it did cover was nicely drained, though it did leave a whitehead behind.” — Kaitlin Cubria, Deputy Editor, Experiences & Style

“I had to wear mine for a long time to actually get results on my chin. It says to wear for about six to eight hours, but no longer than 12. I had mine on for about 10 hours and it barely had anything. Of course, my chin is not as oily as my nose, but even the patches I’ve used for my nose, I've had to wear for a while to really pull out something. Maybe, it’s just not right for my acne issues. Their site even said it’s not great if you have blackheads, which are my biggest concern. I did like that it covered my entire chin. The more area I can try to help, the better.” — Rachel Chapman, Staff Writer

“I didn’t even realize how many blemishes I had until I was putting the product on. The patch did seem to soak up a lot of oil, and it was full of little white dots when I pulled it off. While some pimples looked flattened, some of the bigger guys stuck around when I peeled the patch off. An added bonus was how smooth that area of my face felt for the rest of the day.” — Michelle Toglia, Executive Editor

How Similar Products Compare

“I've always had success with hydrocolloid patches because I know the situations they work best for me — a pimple with a head that I have to pop first (gross, I know) — but I always wake up with a flatter, less noticeable blemish. If I could have special-ordered a huge chin zit, I'm sure the Mighty Chin Patch would have done the same, but the fact that it even pulled out gunk I didn't know was there speaks to likely success on a more noticeable pimple. I'll definitely pull it out the next time I get a big one on my chin.” — Collette Reitz, Experiences Editor

“Apart from COSRX's pimple patches, I've also used Starface's Hydro-Stars. While those products are more targeted, the Mighty Chin Patches cover more surface area, so they have the potential to treat more breakouts at once in that specific part of the face.” — Kaitlin Cubria, Deputy Editor, Experiences & Style

“Compared to The Crème Shop pimple patches I use, I would say those are more efficient. I use those on actual spots and they work wonders. They’re also a lot cuter. I would love to be able to see how a Mighty Patch works on a full breakout, but also, I’m grateful I no longer deal with that issue. This would have been great to have when I was in high school.” — Rachel Chapman, Staff Writer

Final Verdict

“Using the Mighty Chin Patch was super easy, and even though I didn't have a big before-and-after moment, I can tell that it will work when I do really need it. I can't say I noticed a big difference in my skin texture, but I was surprised that it picked up blemishes I didn't even see. I'd definitely use it again, especially when a stubborn pimple calls for it.” — Collette Reitz, Experiences Editor

“While I didn't notice any major differences, the product managed to shrink the one blemish I had overnight.” — Kaitlin Cubria, Deputy Editor, Experiences & Style

“Overall, I had fun trying out the Mighty Chin Patches. I’m not sure if they really made a huge difference, but I did have white spots on the patch at the end so it did something. Two things I did notice afterwards: 1) I got a pimple on my chin afterwards, which might have been from having a patch on it for hours. 2) The patch left my skin feeling a little sticky right after I pulled it off and it gave me creases on my chin that made me look like Thanos — iykyk.” — Rachel Chapman, Staff Writer

“The Mighty Chin Patch was super easy to use and seems to have sucked up a lot of oil on that area — and made it super soft. While it didn’t reduce some of the bigger whiteheads, I’ll definitely use these again when I have a cluster of pesky pimples during my period.” — Michelle Toglia, Executive Editor