Hero Cosmetics Is Giving Away Free Acne Patches — Here's How You Can Score Yours

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Hero Cosmetics

Calling all students! Hero Cosmetics is launching a back-to-school skincare product giveaway that I guarantee you won't want to miss out on. All of the details regarding how to get Hero Cosmetics' free acne patches are below, so no matter if your skin is breakout prone or you're just looking for a new way to manage the occasional rogue pimple, this is a deal you'll want to take advantage of.

First things first: in order to score the free acne patches you need to have an active .edu email address. This giveaway is meant to benefit currently enrolled students specifically, so there's no lenience there. If you fit the bill, then great! Between August 19 and September 19, you'll be able to head to a special landing page on Hero Cosmetics' website and score a Mighty Patch Original sample pack (to be used at night) and a Mighty Patch Invisible+ sample pack (to be used during the day) pretty much completely gratis! I only say "pretty much" because you'll have to pay $1 in shipping in handling, but when it comes to stopping acne in its tracks, what's a single buck? Each pack includes a sheet of six patches, you it'll be way more than worth your money.

Hero Cosmetics

“Feeling self-conscious about acne-prone skin can take all the fun out of reuniting with friends and classmates,” says Hero Cosmetics’ CEO and co-founder, Ju Rhyu. “In an effort to fulfill our mission of helping people feel confident despite their acne, we’re excited to offer free patches to students battling breakouts so they can head back to school worrying less about their pimples and focusing more on school.” Because you know you're going to need all of your brain power for that advanced comparative literature class you just enrolled in.

All you have to do in order to score the deal is head to Hero Cosmetics' website, enter your .edu email address, and use the code emailed to you at checkout. It's as easy as that!

Hero Cosmetics

If you've never used acne patches before I am here to personally attest to their magical powers. As someone who has dealt with cystic and hormonal acne on and off for the better part of my life, I've tried a lot of spot treatments, most of them gels or creams. For me personally, nothing has worked better to quickly reduce the size and redness of pimples than acne patches. You simply slap them on, leave them on for at least six hours, and voila! It's time to peel them off.

Hero Cosmetics

Mighty Patch's hydrocolloid (a fancy word for their stretchy patch) has more gunk-absorbing power than other brands, which means it's 50% stronger. The brand's patches are also created to match all skin tones, so you don't have to worry about blending them in with makeup. Basically, if there's a patch you should be reaching for it's theirs, so mark your calendars for August 19, make sure you remember the password to your college email address, and get excited to usher in your clearest, happiest skin ever.

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