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Before their mother-daughter photoshoot for Intimissimi lingerie, Leni Klum and Heidi Klum arrived t...

Heidi & Leni Klum’s Lingerie Photo Shoot Is Mother-Daughter Magic

Serving face runs in the family.


Leni Klum doesn’t just have her supermodel mom’s incredible features. The 18-year-old also has Heidi Klum’s modeling chops. The pair recently posed for Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi’s latest campaign, and Leni proved she can more than hold her own on set with her famous mom. While the two have posted together in matching ‘fits before, most notably on the cover of Vogue Germany, this is the first time they’ve skipped over high-fashion, couture garments and opted instead to pose in their underwear together. Sure, the two are in their skivvies, but Heidi and Leni Klum’s mother-daughter lingerie shoot is actually incredibly tasteful and — dare I say it? — super sweet.

In the campaign video that both mother and daughter shared on their Instagram feeds, the pair can be seen giggling, lip-synching, and dancing together on set. In the campaign photos, the Klums stand with their arms around each other, wearing a few sets of matching bras and underwear, along with a couple of coverups that look super soft. The vibe is very much “mother bird with her baby under her wing,” from the behind-the-scenes footage to how the campaign was styled. In both the video and still images, the elder Klum is actually showing more skin than her teenage daughter. The two matching sets that Leni wears in the campaign feature high-waisted lace underwear, while her mom’s bottoms are more sheer and low-cut. The same goes for their bras. While both styles feature a deep V-neckline, Leni’s tops offer much more coverage.

Given how modest the lingerie is and how wholesome the Klums look in action, you can almost forget this is an ad for undies and not a touching mother-daughter photo shoot between a proud mom and her daughter who recently headed off to college.

While some Gen Z celebs openly grapple with launching careers with at least some level of built-in fame — Euphoria’s Maude Apatow has thoughts about the “nepo-baby” label — Leni seems more at less at ease with her role as a second-generation Klum model. Whereas some teens might rebel against their famous parents, she’s booking gigs and went through her mother’s fashion archives to pick out a dress for prom. Mama Klum, for her part, pumped the brakes a bit on her elder daughter’s career — Leni reportedly begged her mom to let her start modeling at just 11 years old — but has been thrilled to watch it blossom.

It’s not uncommon for the biggest models of the ‘90s to have children that follow in their runway walking footsteps. Cindy Crawford and Yolanda Hadid are probably two of the biggest models to pass down their fashion week skills to their daughters. Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, and Yolanda’s daughters, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, are three of the most familiar faces in major ad campaigns and on runways. Given that she recently posed solo on the cover of Glamour Germany, it’s possible that Leni’s accepted her birthright and is on her way to becoming the next second-generation super-famous supermodel. After all, no one can say she didn’t come by it honestly.