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Not Ready For A Septum Piercing? These 8 Rings Look Like The Real Deal

Get ready for all the compliments.

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There’s little I love more than getting a new piercing. I love the bling and sparkle they give off, not to mention it just feels refreshing and exciting every time — like a complete change to your look, whether something small like, a tragus piercing, or something bigger, like a septum piercing. However, certain bigger piercings are a big commitment, in maintenance, cost, and pain (albeit temporary). If you find yourself itching for a septum piercing, but you’re not ready to seal the deal just yet, try the look on sans commitment with these fake septum rings.

Whether you’re on the fence about getting a septum ring and want to test it out before you do the thing or you just want the flexibility of flirting with the style on and off at will, getting a fake septum piercing is the right move. For the most part, fake septum rings are extremely affordable, and there are plenty of options out there, so you can try out a slew of different looks.

Each of these eight fake septum piercings is made from materials that won’t bother your nose and promise to be comfortable enough for all-day wear. There are simple hoops, gem-filled options, and a few septum rings with designs you would’ve never expected to see. No matter what your style is, there’s a fake septum piercing waiting for you.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Elite Daily's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Shuiniba Magnetic Septum Nose Ring Horseshoe

Despite using magnets to hold it in position, the Shuiniba Nose Ring ($2, Amazon) promises not to pinch regardless of how long you wear it. The brand also claims the magnets won’t lose strength. It comes in multiple styles, so you can play around with how you wear it.


LulinaShop Fake Septum Ring

You can go down the dainty septum ring route with LulinaShop’s Double Septum Jewelry ($13, Etsy). The brand has over 2,500 reviews and a five-star rating, so you know you’re getting exactly what you ordered.


Golden Daisy Garden Icon Fake Septum Clip-On Ring
Rebel Bod

The Rebel Bod Daisy Clip-On Septum Ring ($16, Rebel Bod) is an incredibly cute, removable option. The floral design isn’t something you come by every day, and it’ll definitely stand out from the average septum ring crowd.


Acrylic Fruit on the Vine Clip On Septum Ring 10 Pack Set
Body Candy

On the other hand, vibrant options abound. Body Candy offers a 10 Pack of Septum Rings ($5, Body Candy), each in a fun, bold-colored design. Since they’re made with acrylic material, they’re very lightweight, so after a while, you might not even remember you’re wearing one.


HelenCollectionJewel Fake Septum Piercing For Non Pierced Nose

The opposite of understated, HelenCollectiveJewel’s Opal Clip On Nose Cuff ($15, Etsy) is blingy and big for those wanting to pull out all the stops. As everything this shop makes is handcrafted, expect your purchase to look slightly different than the product image.


Sterling Silver Ball Faux Hoop Nose Ring

A great jumping-off point is the simple and classic Silver Ball Fake Hoop ($5, Claire’s). You can ease into the look, but still feel as edgy as if you got a real piercing with this fake nose ring.


jnjshop7 20 Gauge Fake Septum Ring
See on Etsy

Hello, space girl, you’re going to want jnjshop7’s cosmic-inspired Fake Septum Ring ($14, Etsy). The dangling star is a fun touch, and the ring itself is made without nickel and to be hypoallergenic if your skin is particularly sensitive.



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