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Dua Lipa And Megan Thee Stallion Wore The Same Exact Outfit At The Grammys

Don’t worry, Donatella Versace stepped in to save the day.

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On music’s biggest night, you want to make a statement. While they both stunned in different dresses on the red carpet — Megan Thee Stallion showed up at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards in a hot girl, one-shoulder, leopard-print dress, while Dua Lipa stunned in a vintage black Versace number — Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion wore the same Versace outfit at the 2022 Grammys in the hours that followed. If you watched the two artists arrive on the red carpet, you may be confused about their twinning look later in the evening. But don’t worry, Donatella Versace stepped in to save the day.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Grammys without a few outfit changes. However, you never would have expected two artists to wear the same Versace dress at the same time unless you remember the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards when Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston pulled off a similar bit. Like Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion, Carey and Houston showed up to present in matching dresses. The two joked about their dress being one-of-a-kind before Carey ripped off a part of her skirt to make her dress more unique. That’s when Houston also ripped off her skirt to give her dress a new look as well.

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The hilarious bit was recreated for the 2022 Grammys, but this time, Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion got the help of the designer, Donatella Versace. After talking about how they both thought they received a one-of-a-kind Versace number, Versace got up on stage to fix the situation. The designer then ripped off both of their long skirts to give them each a stunning new asymmetrical design. The nod to the 1998 VMAs moment is sure to bring in some comparisons between Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston with Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion. All are iconic Grammy winners. In fact, this Grammys 2022 bit was part of the introduction to the Best New Artist category that both of the “Sweetest Pie” vocalists have previously won. This year, Olivia Rodrigo ended up taking home the award for her breakthrough year with her first album, Sour.

While someone coming up on stage during an awards ceremony is a sensitive subject right now, Donatella Versace is always welcome to the stage for fashion reasons. After all, if you are going to get some styling tips, it might as well come from the dress’ designer. It seems even the fans watching at home love the nod to the 1998 MTV VMAs with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

Even when Rodrigo got up on stage to accept her Best New Artist award, the “Good 4 U” singer color-coordinated with Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion in her black corset dress. If wearing the Versace dress is part of winning the Best New Artist award, Rodrigo is sure to own the lewk as well.