Dixie and Charli D'Amelio have teamed up with Social Tourist for the brand's first holiday collectio...

Dixie And Charli D’Amelio’s Social Tourist Holiday Collection Is So Damn Good

These first-look photos got me feeling festive.

Nathalie Kossek

You don’t need to only stick to sequin heels, velvet dresses, and glittery blazers at your end-of-year shindigs come December. Just ask Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, the TikTok superstars determined to redefine holiday dressing in 2021. In May, the sisters collaborated for the official launch of Social Tourist, their cute and comfy fashion brand in partnership with Hollister Co. While I wanted every single piece in the bomb lineup, a bigger and more joyful update has arrived: Social Tourist will launch its first-ever holiday collection this October. And judging from the official first-look photos, Charli and Dixie just changed the game when it comes to holiday season style.

Called “Diaries of a Holiday Tour,” Social Tourist’s debut 2021 holiday collection will be released across three volumes (aka scheduled drops). The first? Available on Oct. 29, “Diaries of a Holiday Tour: The Pre-Show,” is inspired by all things music (hello, Dixie’s new single), plus the super cool outfits you’d wear to a concert. “When we met with the designers, we wanted to focus this drop on something we’re both so passionate about: music,” Dixie tells Elite Daily. Specifically, “The Pre-Show” pieces reflect the badass mod and punk music scene of 1960s London, where stripes, checkers, newspaper print, and black-and-white patterns were quite the rage. If this isn’t a modern take on holiday fashion, well, then I don’t know what is.

Nathalie Kossek

“We’ve always attended shows with our family and our friends,” Dixie says. “Figuring out how to capture the excitement and energy around seeing live music again and thinking about the outfits we can’t wait to wear to the next show was our favorite part of the process.” As the campaign images show, it’s totally cool to wear leather skirts, animal print vests, high-waist jeans, and grungy, faux leather moto vests around the holidays. Do as Charli and Dixie did and add some heavy eyeliner, too. And if you’re already mapping out your 2021 holiday shopping plan, know this: the second and third volumes of the holiday collection, “The Headliner” and “The After-Party,” will be respectively released on Dec. 3 and Dec. 23.

So, how does the dynamic duo manage to make edgy style look so cool? They’ve got one key tip. “Being true to yourself and dressing in whatever way makes you most comfortable and confident is the best way for a trend to get attention and go viral,” Charli says. Of course, having fashionable siblings comes in handy. Charli adds, “We love trading clothes to experiment with new looks, and it’s one of the things we love most about our Social Tourist collection with Hollister — it’s a blend of both of our unique styles so we can easily trade and create our fave looks together.”

Nathalie Kossek

Like me, Charli and Dixie are pumped to dress a little differently this holiday season. But they’re also excited about the rituals that come with it. Dixie’s fave tradition? “Truly just being together with our family, and extended family,” Dixie says. “We go to Connecticut to spend time with our dad’s family, and Louisiana to spend time with our mom’s family. We have so many cousins that we get so excited to see around the holidays.” Charli says that despite not having that many go-to traditions, “we are always with family, and that’s my favorite part.”

Nathalie Kossek

And when the time comes for them to dress up for a holiday event (in Social Tourist, obvi), there’s only one holiday song they both agree permanently gets stuck in their heads: Liam Payne’s “Naughty List” collab with Dixie — because of course. Count me in for the sing-along party.

Shop Social Tourist’s “Diaries of a Holiday Tour: The Pre-Show” collection below when it drops on Oct. 29.

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