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These Trendy Short Haircuts Will Make You Want To Lop All Your Hair Off

You might as well call your hairstylist RN.

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A great way to stay cool during the warmer months to come is simple (though a bit drastic): cut off all your hair. But first, you need to vision board a little bit. Whether you’re looking for a lob, a full-on shaved head, or something in between, there are a ton of trendy, short haircuts you need to try that'll keep you feeling effortlessly chic.

Having recently cut my hair to chin length, I won’t lie, the change is hard to get used to. It took me about a week to realize I loved my new length. It’s probably because mom loves to say, “No one looks worse with short hair.” In her opinion, a drastic length change has pretty much never done anyone bad. By cutting off a few (or more) inches, you open up your face and cut off all your split ends. Once your hair is lighter, it’ll be bouncier, more voluminous, and even easier to style sometimes. Not to mention, you’ll save money on shampoo and conditioner.

For spring 2020, even celebrities keep cutting off their hair, with Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, and Charli D’Amelio as just a few of the celebs who have recently cut their hair to shoulder-and-above lengths. But the trend goes beyond just a specific length — there are so many different short styles you can try out. Worst case, if you don’t love it, it’ll grow back in time for winter. Get your mood board ready, and check out some cute, trendy short hair lengths you’ll want to take to your hairstylist ASAP.

A Blunt-Cut Lob

The lob — long bob — has been making some serious rounds through the celebrity world as of late. D’Amelio, for example, went with a blunt cut, which adds a bit of drama to the look. Hitting just above the shoulders, it's a perfect way to go short without risking it all. It’s also a great option for those with straight hair and is super easy to style.

A Layered Lob

In Gomez’s case, the singer got a layered lob and bangs that perfectly suit curly hair. The added dimension from the layers helps make hair appear more voluminous, and although this look requires a bit more maintenance than the blunt cut, the shorter your hair is, the bouncier its waves will be.

The Shag

Although it’s similar to a lob length-wise, the shag is a much choppier ‘do than the lob. With bangs and chunky layers, the shag cut frames the face in a retro ‘70s style. Barbie Ferreira, Zendaya, and Miley Cyrus have all enjoyed this nostalgic, rocker haircut. It’s also an androgynous look that calls back to David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Farah Fawcett. With so many big names behind it, it’s a guaranteed cool look.

The Frohawk Cut

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The frohawk cut deserves endless recognition for how fun it is and how versatile it can be. You can wear your naturally or style them in whatever way you like. Even better, if you aren’t ready to shave the sides, simply slick the sides back and pin them to achieve the same look, like Issa Rae does frequently.

A Blunt Bob

Since we’re back in the roaring ‘20s, it only seems fair that the iconic flapper bob is back in style. So far, in 2020, this ‘do has Khloé Kardashian’s approval, as she’s been spotted multiple times with the sleek, sharp cut. Whether you’re waiting to be invited to a Jay Gatsby party or a KUWTK viewing, this haircut is right up your alley.

A French Bob

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The French bob has the sharpness of the blunt bob, but it’s, instead, worn a little wavy and a bit shorter. This cut just reaches the jawline and includes heavy bangs as well. Maisie Williams recently took the look to Paris Fashion Week, among a few other events, and the style couldn’t have looked better.

A Shaggy Bob

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King Princess has the ultimate shaggy bob. With her haircut framing her face and bangs, the singer’s curls look healthy and artfully wild. This cut is perfect for wavy and curly hair textures, so if you want to let your curls run wild, the shaggy bob will let them.

An Asymmetrical Bob Or Lob

A little asymmetry in your haircut adds a chic edge, bringing attention to your jawline and making it look strong. This cut works no matter what texture your hair is, and it’s also a fun way to switch up the classic ‘do.

A Choppy Pixie Cut

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If you’re looking to go even shorter, a pixie cut is the move. Kristen Stewart has totally modernized the vintage, Audrey Hepburn-look with her choppy cut and shaved sides. The uneven layers give this cut a ton of texture and volume, too. For an effortlessly tousled look, a choppy pixie cut is a great look to try.

Straight Pixie Bowl Cut

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Zendaya is a massive hair chameleon. The star loves to switch up her look, but one of my all-time favorite styles of hers is the straight pixie. Debuted in 2016, Zendaya’s cut is close to the head, but still full of bounce. This cut is shorter and not as choppy as Stewart’s, but it’s a great example of how a change in 2 inches of hair can be incredibly expressive.

A Buzz Cut

Maybe you’re ready for a total hair reset. If so, tell your hairstylist to grab the trimmer and get to work. Willow Smith just debuted her freshly shaved head on March 19 on her Red Table Talk show, and the list of celebs who have tried out the look is even longer. The only requirement for a fun buzz cut look is confidence.

A Texturized Short Sides Long Top Cut

For a short cut that’s low-maintenance and easy to style, take a page out of this look from celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri. You won’t be bogged down by constant primping or polishing as this cut grows out, and the look is prime for that just-got-out-of-bed, effortless look that may or may not be the result of oversleeping.

The Wet Pixie

OK, so maybe only J.Lo can pull off a look like this, but she makes a strong case for trying this look, courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton. It’s edgy, different, and constitutes a beautiful, drastic change for anyone looking for a sign to just do it.

The Retro, Elegant Pixie

I couldn’t, and still can’t, get over this longer, bleach-blonde pixie cut on Lizzo. The look rings of the past, but the slightly messy texture gives it a modern edge that feels simultaneously wearable and editorial. If you’re particularly daring, dye the cut a color that’s completely out of your comfort zone and match your eyebrows to it, a la Lizzo.

The ‘70s Flip

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Saweetie’s retro flip haircut is all the proof you need that you can easily take this style through the decades and it never gets old. Even more, this cut is a solid option for those looking to go shorter, but who aren’t quite ready to take on a full pixie cut just yet.

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