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Cocokind's new Chia Bounce Mask.

Cocokind’s New Chia Bounce Mask Is A Trip To Hyaluronic Heaven

From day to evening to night, you’ll turn to this mask for every skin care need.

Courtesy of Cocokind

It feels like the hunt for hydration never ends, but your soon to be one-and-only moisturizer just dropped. Cocokind’s Chia Bounce Mask is not only here — it’s also here to send all the other oils, serums, and masks you’ve tried packing. If you don’t believe me, just wait until you hear about its triple-threat uses as well as its super hydrating ingredients. Your skin is about to be more moisturized than if you just left a spa.

This light-textured mask does it all. Well, most of it, anyway. The Chia Bounce Mask ($22, Cocokind) can be used as a short-term mask, an overnight mask, or even as a daily moisturizer to slap on before going about your day. What makes it work on so many levels is the hyaluronic acid, which really locks in hydration as well as the chia seeds, which moisturize deeply. It also contains the fan favorite and much-loved ingredient of niacinamide to even your skin tone over time.

Luckily, you don’t have to try it out blind. The reviews on the brand’s website give it a whopping 4.9 stars. “I loved this product so much,” one reviewer wrote. “Immediately after use my red spots were way less noticeable, and my skin was so smooth and soft. After multiple uses, my dry itchy spots got so much better and less irritated.” As much as the short term effects are nice, long-term skin health is truly what you want, and this product delivers it in spades.

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Cocokind doesn’t skimp on the details. From stabilizers to ph levels to emulsifiers, you can have it all in your products. So if you’re a skin care nerd or have aspirations of becoming one, you’ll fall in love with the brand’s very detailed, transparent packaging. Not to mention, it’s also super cute.

As if that wasn’t enough to make you fall in love with both the Chia Bounce Mask and Cocokind, the brand’s also incredibly open about all of its sustainability details. Just a scroll through its website will tell you this mask is made in Iowa. Its tube is derived from sugarcane, and the whole thing is 100% recyclable, excluding the cap. Since I’m already planning to dive into a pool filled with the Chia Bounce Mask, I’m glad to know I won’t be hurting Mother Nature while doing so.