The billie buffer bar is an exfoliating soap bar that helps keep skin smooth.

Say Goodbye To Strawberry Legs With Billie's New $7 Exfoliating Bar Soap

This pre-shave exfoliator just hits different.

Courtesy of Billie

Please say hello to a new soap bar from Billie that’s going to change your shaving game. Billie’s Body Buffer Pre-Shave Exfoliating Bar is a vegan $7 soap bar that, when used before you shave, helps prevent dry skin, bumps, strawberry legs, and ingrown hairs (aka the bane of my existence). Since summer, for me at least, means shaving way more frequently, this skin-protective Buffer Bar couldn’t have launched at a better time.

Since it dropped its first razor in 2015 with its first razor, Billie’s mission has been to make shaving an enjoyable experience. The brand offers shaving cream, body lotion, wipes, and body wash, all in the most adorable packaging, and all designed to leave your post-shave skin free of bumps, nicks, and ingrown hairs. Because Billie’s products are made with gentle ingredients, they’re safe for all skin types, including the most sensitive. The latest addition to their lineup is made without parabens or microbeads that can be harmful for the environment, so you can get smooth skin without any ick factor.

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What Is Billie’s Buffer Bar?

The shaving brand’s new Buffer Bar is just as clean as its other products and comes loaded with superpowered ingredients. One of its biggest draws is the jojoba beads, which are moisturizing, plastic-free, and act as the bar’s exfoiliants. There are two types of exfoliants, manual, which physically buff away dead skin, and chemical, which dissolve dead skin cells and increase cell turnover. Both exfoliants are effective, but chemically exfoliating can leave your skin dry or irritated. On the flip side, physical exfoliants can be rough and abrasive. That’s where the jojoba beads come in. Since the beads are made from oil, they won’t leave your skin feeling dry, tight, or irritated.

How Does Billie’s Buffer Bar Work?

The beads buff away dead skin that could otherwise get trapped in your hair follicles, causing ingrown hairs. Unlike other exfoliators that can leave your skin dry and thirsty, the Buffer Bar is also incredibly hydrating. Along with the beads, each bar is made with shea butter, aloe vera, and olive oil to help moisturize and condition your skin for a closer shave. The gentle nature of the bar is likely why it’s already a fan favorite of Billie shoppers. In a study conducted by the brand, 100% of participants thought their skin improved post-shaving, and 97% found that their shaves lasted longer than usual after using the Billie Bar. I personally can’t imagine anything better than a longer-lasting shave, except for maybe getting one for less than $10.

The Buffer Bar is available on starting Thursday, June 23.