The Best Products For Bikini Razor Bumps

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Even if you pride yourself on how well you take care of your skin, razor bumps — especially on the bikini line, if you choose to groom down there — are extremely common. That said, it is possible to help prevent and heal razor bumps with the right products. According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Elyse Love, M.D., the best products for bikini razor bumps come in the form of nourishing shaving creams, fresh razor blades, and post-shave ointments. You’ll find a handful of the best ones to choose from, just ahead.

Dr. Love explains that irritation from shaving causes razor bumps, as do ingrown hairs, which occur when the hair that’s growing in becomes trapped underneath your skin’s surface. For those who choose to shave, following the proper technique is key. Always use shaving creams or gels made with nourishing ingredients, and after each swipe of the razor, rinse your blade. Importantly, be sure to swap out your razor blade approximately every five shaves.

The expert says that applying soothing ingredients to your skin, such as aloe or shea butter, can prevent post-shaving irritation. Mild chemical exfoliants can also be helpful at preventing ingrown hairs, but since those ingredients can cause stinging on any mild cuts you might have, Dr. Love suggests using exfoliants on non-shaving days only. You can relieve redness and pain from an ingrown hair by applying a warm compress and using a mild exfoliant, but if over-the-counter topicals don’t help, it’s best to check with a dermatologist.

With those tips in mind, scroll on to shop the best products for bumps on your bikini line.

1. Doctor’s Pick: The Best Shaving Cream

Dr. Love’s top shaving cream pick is this eos Shea Better Better Shave Cream because it contains nourishing shea butter and soothing aloe to help relieve any irritation that may occur while shaving. Because it’s been tested for safety on sensitive areas, it’s a good bet for most skin types, including those that are prone to redness, rashes, and bumps. It’s also affordable at just $3 per bottle, and has a convenient pump-top dispenser for one-handed application.

2. Best Serum

This serum from Gillette Venus contains the AHA lactic acid to gently remove dead skin cells and oil that can trap hair and cause ingrowns and bumps. The formula is made without parabens, dyes, or added fragrance, and contains nourishing ingredients like glycerin, jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil to moisturize and pamper your skin. Dr. Love suggests skipping chemical exfoliants immediately after shaving, but this is a great topical for in-between days to help keep your skin smooth and bump-free.

3. Best Disposable Razor

If you’re used to razors with two, three, or more blades, it may be surprising to learn that Dr. Love likes single-blade razors to help reduce razor bumps. “Single-blade razors tend to be best because they allow even shaving along the skin surface,” she explains. “It sounds counter intuitive, but shaving more often helps to prevent ingrown hairs, [because] ingrown hairs are a problem of hair regrowth, not hair removal.”

Don’t forget to swap your razor out every five shaves, because as a razor dulls, it can pull at hair and irritate your skin. Another way to help prevent irritation? Shave in the direction of your hair growth, not against it.

4. Best Reusable Razor

Many people like reusable safety razors, like this one, because they’re less wasteful. After all, they only require refilling the blade itself, not the handle. This two-piece set comes with a razor handle with a five-year warranty, and a stand for easier storage. (You can buy blade refills, here.)

For someone who is new to safety razors, there is admittedly a bit of an intimidation factor at first, but if you take your time, you may find that not only do you like prefer the environmental benefits, but that you experience less bumps, too.

5. Best Moisturizer

Aloe gel makes a great post-shave moisturizer, says Dr. Love, and it also offers the added benefit of feeling cooling and refreshing. Aloe is also a time-tested, natural antibacterial for treating mild cuts and abrasions without stinging or burning, so this soothing cream feels lovely on skin immediately after shaving, and can be used on both your face and body. Apply this after shaving with a nourishing shaving cream and fresh, single-blade razor, and you shouldn’t experience as many (or any) bumps.

6. An Equally Good (& Cheaper) Moisturizer

Another great moisturizer for freshly shaved skin, Cetaphil Advanced Relief Lotion uses nourishing shea butter as the hero ingredient instead of aloe. They’re both amazing for dry, irritated skin — which one you choose is a matter of personal preference. With this bottle, you get 20 ounces of product in a pump-top bottle, so it’s a great value. The formula is fragrance-free and can be used all over your body, and offers a gentle way to replenish moisture to your newly shaved bikini area (and anywhere else that needs it) to help prevent and soothe bumps.

7. Best Exfoliating Pads

Pre-moistened pads with the AHA glycolic acid and the BHA salicylic acid work to exfoliate your skin and keep your pores from clogging, which can help prevent ingrown hairs and bumps after shaving. The acids provide the chemical exfoliation, while the textured pad itself offers mild physical exfoliating benefits, as well. Don’t forget to only use chemical exfoliants on non-shaving days to avoid irritating any fresh nicks or cuts.