3 Nourishing Shaving Creams That Prevent Razor Bumps & Irritation

Before I go any further, let me get one thing out of the way: Shaving is total choice. What a person chooses to do with their body hair is their own business. End of story. That said, if you are someone who chooses to remove their body hair with a razor, you probably want to ensure you're using one of the best shaving creams for razor bumps to avoid any unnecessary irritation when you shave.

Razor bumps happen when there's friction between your razor and the skin it's gliding over. In order to avoid them, you need to find a cream or a gel that lubricates your skin to allow a smoother, easier shave. It's also important to regularly change out your razors, because a dull razor can cause nicks and friction.

If you've already got bumps, there are a few home remedies you can try. First of all, you have to avoid shaving the area any further, because that will only increase inflammation. Try applying some kind of exfoliating toner on the rash, like witch hazel or apple cider vinegar, to help encourage the dead skin cells to come off. Then, apply a cortisone cream to help the itchiness. Over time, the bumps should dissipate.

But if you're looking to avoid them altogether, then scroll on to discover five of the best shaving creams to prevent razor bumps.

The Overall Best Shaving Gel For Razor Bumps

The beauty of Completely Bare's Completely Smooth Moisturizing No-Bump Shave Gel is that it both prevents new razor bumps from forming and helps treat any sort of existing irritation. It's one of the rare beauty products I've come across with a perfect five-star Amazon rating, and it's won a ton of wards, including one from PEOPLE. Included in the formula are a few key plant-based ingredients: aloe vera, which helps soothe redness, calm irritation, and repair damaged skin; chamomile, another skin-soother that helps quells itching and inflammation; sunflower seed oil, to moisturize; and jojoba oil to further soften and hydrate skin.

What's more, the dissolving beads in the gel are eco-friendly, the formula itself is hypoallergenic and PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free, and it's safe to use on sensitive skin.

"This very comfortably moisturizing gel allows for a very close shave, NO clogging of your shaver & your skin is silky smooth with no bumps. I’ve never found anything like it," raved one reviewer.

Another Great Shaving Cream For Razor Bumps Around The Bikini Line

Your bikini line is more susceptible to razor burn and bumps because the skin there is so thin and sensitive, which is what IntiMD took into account when creating their COOCHY PLUS Intimate Shave Cream. It's formulated with five anti-inflammatory, vitamin-rich moisturizing ingredients: jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, shea butter, and maca root. The combination creates a lubricated barrier that softens both the skin and pubic hairs to prevent inflammation and irritation from occurring. And though the formula is technically made for your most sensitive parts, you can feel free to use it anywhere.

A Budget-Friendly Option From A Trusted, Sensitive Skin-Friendly Brand

If you're looking to spend a bit less money, you can't go wrong with Aveeno's Theraputic Shave Gel. It was formulated with easily reactive skin in mind, since sensitive skin types are typically more susceptible to inflammation, and therefore bumps and breakouts. Oats — the star ingredient in all of Aveeno's products — are known for their skin-soothing benefits. They help reduce itching, calm inflammation, and nourish already dry, irritated skin. The formula also contains vitamin E, which is intensely hydrating, as well as aloe leaf juice and moisturizing glycerin. Razor bumps, nicks, and cuts will all be prevented by the smooth shave this gel delivers, which is also fragrance-free.

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