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4 Pro Makeup Artists On The Non-Sticky Lip Glosses They Absolutely Love

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Hot girl summer is officially on. And I don’t know about you, but the thought of finally being able to bask in the presence of friends and family for over a year’s worth of catching up gives me literal butterflies. Beyond that, I’m sure many of us are just as excited to ditch our drabby loungewear and messy buns for something fancier, something livelier. There’s nothing like a standout, glowy makeup look to make you feel like an actual queen, especially after a year alone with your bare face under a mask. Whether that looks like a vibrant liner, bronzing to the gods or opting for blindingly shimmery lip gloss, it’s your time to shine.

But let’s not pretend wearing lip gloss in the summertime is all sunshine and daisies. You know what I’m talking about. The nuisance of your lip gloss being sticky, uncomfortable, and messy — especially as the sun beats down on you — is real as ever. I’m not sure how the ‘90s and early ’00s girlies managed to pull it off, because all I know is I’m out here struggling. I mean, who has the time or money to cycle through a million lip glosses just to find one that isn’t sticky and gross? Definitely not you or I, but pro makeup artists sure do. Read on for the lowdown on the best non-sticky lip gloss recommendations for the summer and beyond, according to four beauty professionals.

Mary Phillips’ Non-Sticky Lip Gloss Recommendations

If you don’t know Mary Phillips’ name, you probably know her makeup. She is the wildly talented creator behind some of the most iconic celebrity beauty looks to date, including this ultra glossy lip on Hailey Bieber. “My favorite lip combo for a long-lasting lip gloss with a natural hint of color is Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Bitten Lip Tints ($36, Victoria Beckham Beauty) in Cherie and Bisou to enhance the lip color without using a lipstick,” she tells Elite Daily. She follows this step up with one of her favorite lip staples: La Mer’s The Lip Balm ($70, La Mer). “I love this product because it smooths and restores the lips while keeping them hydrated all day. The lip balm will create a nourishing, healthy shine without the stickiness that can sometimes comes with lip gloss.”

Some of Phillips’ other go-to glosses include Pat McGrath’s LUST: Gloss ($28, Pat McGrath) because of its “diverse shade range and different finishes,” which make for a wealth of looks. “Item Beauty’s Lip Quip ($14, Item Beauty) is a must-have for those hot summer days because of its lightweight texture,” she continues, “and the Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss ($27, Kosas) because it is formulated with hyaluronic acid and avocado oil to create locked-in moisture as well as evening primrose to protect against stressors.”

If a lip gloss claims not to be sticky, but you’re still experiencing some tackiness, Phillips suggests you “exfoliate the lips” pre-gloss. “[This] will create a smooth surface, giving the gloss less ability to settle into any areas, creating a sticky residue.” She also recommends steering clear of an ingredient called polybutene, which she says is often responsible for the sticky texture that can come with lip glosses.

Adeola Gboyega’s Non-Sticky Lip Gloss Recommendations

A quick scroll through makeup artist Adeola Gboyega’s Instagram is proof she knows a thing or two about achieving the perfect glossy lip. “Glosses have come a long way from the old formulas that used to be sticky and uncomfortable,” she says “Skin-loving ingredients, such as shea butter, vitamin E, and nourishing oils, within formulations really help to keep lips moisturized before application of lip products.”

On Gboyega’s list of go-to lip glosses is Mahina Makeup’s BOSS High Shine Gloss ($13.83, Mahina Makeup) for its “silky smooth” feel. She also praises the much-loved Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Color Drip Lip Cream ($19, Fenty Beauty), which she loves for its creamy formula and delicious smell. “It has a little more coverage than your standard lip gloss, but it gives the illusion of a fuller lip without being sticky.”

Joyce Bonelli’s Non-Sticky Lip Gloss Recommendations

Joyce Bonelli, makeup artist and founder of Joyce Bonelli Cosmétiques, has created some of the most timeless beauty looks for the biggest A-listers, including Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Kendall Jenner, and Demi Lovato. That said, she knows a quality formula that’s fit for a star when she sees one. She recommends “Chanel, NARS, and Glossier lip glosses for non-sticky and hydrated lips.”

If you’re on the hunt for a lip product to give your lips extra shine and extra hydration — without being too heavy and without any annoying residue (we’ve all been there) — Bonelli suggests the Kylie Skin Lip Oil ($22, Kylie Skin), which features coconut oil and vitamin E for protection and hydration, as well as a lip plumping complex for a fuller pout.

With scorching temperatures likely on the horizon, it’s a good idea to add a lip product with SPF to your routine. Bonelli recommends the Come Thru Flawless Makeup Setting Spray with SPF 15 ($25, Walmart) from own line as a final step in your makeup process, especially on the lips. “It’s so easy to apply to the entire face while giving an extra spritz to the lips as needed,” she says. It’ll probably give you an extra ounce of shine like your favorite glosses do, too.

Molly R. Stern’s Non-Sticky Lip Gloss Recommendations

Fresh off of doing Cara Delevingne’s epic Rachel Green-inspired glam for Friends: The Reunion, makeup artist Molly R. Stern is the genius behind beauty looks for Reese Witherspoon and more. And her tip for getting the most of your lip gloss, so you don’t have to goop a bunch of it on constantly, is genius. “I love a long-wear lip color or applying my favorite lipstick and then blotting it several times to create an effortless stain, which I can then maintain with a lip balm with a sheen finish and preferably containing SPF,” she says.

Stern also notes that both polybutene and polyisobutylene may be the culprits behind the sticky texture of lip gloss. She reaches for the Armani Beauty Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss ($38, Armani Beauty) for its great color range and long-lasting qualities and, of course, smooth texture.

Shop the makeup artists’ best non-sticky lip gloss recommendations below and prepare to find your new everyday lip product:

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