The 7 Best Lip Liners For Overlining

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If you’re interested in making your lips appear fuller, you might be interested in overlining them. The best lip liners for overlining are highly pigmented and long-wearing — because real talk, having to constantly reapply liner can be a major pain — and come in a shade that works for your desired look. If you’d like to keep your makeup fairly low key, opt for a liner in a natural shade that matches (or comes close!) to your actual lip color. If you’re pairing your liner with lipstick, overline with a liner that closely matches the lipstick so it blends in perfectly. Be sure to pick a finish that matches your lipstick or desired look, too — matte liners are totally flat, satin picks have some sheen, and demi-matte falls in between.

When purchasing lip liner, you’ll notice that there are some differences when it comes to formulation. Traditional pencil liners aren’t quite as smooth-feeling on the lips, but they allow for sharply defined lines, while creamier picks tend to glide onto the lips more comfortably. Some lip liners need to be sharpened (and for overlining you’ll definitely want to avoid a dull point for precision’s sake) while others are retractable with a built-in sharpener to skip this step, so consider what you’d find most convenient.

Other perks to be on the lookout for? Some lip liners are waterproof or water-resistant to better stay put on your pout. Others have lip-benefiting ingredients, such as lecithin for hydration or soothing aloe. You certainly don’t need these features for overlining, but they can be nice.

Whether you’re shopping for drugstore lip liners or luxury options, cult-favorite NYX lip liners or my own personal recommendations, these seven lip liners are superior picks for overlining your lips.

1. A Fan-Favorite Lip Liner Pencil In 20 Shades

With a 4.5-star rating overall on Amazon after 22,000-plus reviews, this lip pencil from NYX is clearly quite popular on the site, with countless reviewers confirming that it’s an excellent choice for overlining. And with a price tag of less than $5, how can you say no? The slim pencil is available in 20 shade options for a variety of looks, and the satin finish boasts just a hint of sheen. And like all products from NYX, the pencil is cruelty-free. While this pick has more of a creamier feel, it’s still a pencil, so it’ll need to be sharpened regularly.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Perfect to add fullness to your natural lips. It slides on nicely and is almost the same color as my lips. Blends quite nicely with any lipstick color I put on and adds the extra volume to my lips that I wanted it for.”

2. A Writer-Approved Retractable Lip Liner

This lip liner from NYX is a personal favorite of mine — I own it in the shade Ruby (which is a gorgeous bright red color), though it’s available in more than a dozen shades. I’ve used it to overline my lips prior to applying a similar red lipstick shade on top, and I love how smooth and creamy it feels. Plus, it’s super pigmented! The liner has a matte finish and is retractable, which is super convenient. For a little added assurance, take the word of Amazon reviewers — they love this pick, too, collectively giving it a solid 4.5-star rating on the site, after more than 6,000 reviews.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Glides on very smoothly and the color is very natural, matched my lips perfectly.”

3. A Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil That’s Still Hydrating

Lips feeling a bit dry? Reach for this lip liner from Sorme, which features lecithin to provide hydration, along with vitamins C and E with antioxidant properties. The creamy lip pencil boasts a unique square shape that allows for maximum control when applying, which is exactly what you need when overlining the lips. Additionally, you’ll love the fact that this pick is waterproof — it’ll stay in place through eating, drinking, and more!

This pick will need to be sharpened with a standard sharpener in order to stay pointy. Choose from 11 shade options, all with creamy finishes.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “It’s the perfect thickness and waxy-ness to overdraw the liner and make your lips appear larger. It slides along my skin without skipping or clumping. When I need more liners, I will consider buying more shades of this liner, as it is such good quality.”

4. A Highly Rated Retractable Lip Liner That Stays For Up To 8 Hours

Amazon reviewers back up the claims that this Revlon lip liner doesn’t budge, with one writing, “It lasts 8 or more hours, does not smudge or feather easily.” With raves like that, it’s no wonder that the long-lasting liner has earned an impressive 4.5-star rating overall after 8,000 reviews! The retractable lip liner is self-sharpening, and it feels surprisingly creamy during application. It dries to a matte finish and comes in 16 shade options, ranging from bright pinks to deep reds.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Favorite brand of lip liner and way better than any of the expensive brands I’ve tried. Blends well to allow you to overline your lips just a little [...] and has a long lasting color.”

5. A Water-Resistant Lip Liner Pencil With A Demi-Matte Finish

With its demi-matte finish, creamy formulation, and lots of pigment, you’ll find yourself reaching for this lip liner from HAUS LABORATORIES By Lady Gaga again and again to overline your lips. But the plusses don’t stop there — the lip liner pencil is water-resistant for long-lasting wear. And it comes in 16 incredible shade options from bright options like purple fuchsia to true reds that pop to neutral shades to suit a wide range of skin tones. This pick is vegan and cruelty-free, too. To keep your lip lines on point, be sure to sharpen the pencil regularly.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I applied this first as a lip liner & got good coverage. It held up during lunch & smoothie & snack.[...] Not only did it stay put, I went outside my lip line a little since my lips are thin. That’s a real test & it passed with flying colors. As a lip liner, it’s excellent.”

6. A 12-Piece Lip Pencil Set For Under $10

The ultra-low price tag on this set of lip liners from IS'MINE may seem too good to be true, but Amazon reviewers confirm that’s not the case. The quality is shockingly high, leading one reviewer to write, “I LOVE the price of this product. So much so, that I was a bit skeptical of the quality but I had to try! [...] It had LOTS of pigment. It glided on. This was everything I had been looking for.” The lip liner set comes with 12 different pencils in a variety of highly pigmented shades ranging from neutrals to reds, and even includes a black shade of liner. Each of the pencils is super slim for precise application, and they have a matte finish. Reviewers suggest that the liners are long-lasting, too. If you prefer a bunch of unexpected bright colors, you can also buy a different version of this set that includes shades like turquoise and yellow.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “For the cost, these are great liners! Very pigmented, smooth and easy to apply. I would buy again!”

7. A Waterproof Retractable Liner That’s Packed With Nourishing Ingredients

With antioxidant vitamins A, C, D, and E, anti-inflammatory green tea, soothing aloe, and nourishing ginseng, this lip liner from Palladio is packed with powerhouse ingredients that’ll majorly benefit your lips. The retractable lip liner self sharpens, and it goes on smoothly to provide an ultra-pigmented matte finish. And since it’s waterproof, it won’t budge after application.

This pick is vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Choose from a handful of shade options like blackberry, raisin, and raspberry.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This lip liner is perfect and the color is BEAUTIFUL! Goes on very smoothly and is very moisturizing!”