Best Friend Jewelry To Show Your BFF How Much You Care

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When it comes to gifting for a friend, jewelry is a surefire way to celebrate the special bond that you share. If you’re looking for best friend jewelry to be as enduring as your friendship, opt for options made with a durable metal like stainless steel. You can even find gold-plated jewelry that looks much more expensive than it really is. But, if you’re looking for “traditional” friendship bracelets made with string or cord, that’s easy to find, too — just don’t expect them to last forever.

From bracelets to necklaces to rings, there’s no shortage of ways to show your love for your bestie. As you shop, consider what kinds of jewelry you and your friend prefers to wear. Many pieces are also designed with sweet details, such as heart-shaped pendants etched with sentimental messages to show your affection. But if you want to go the extra mile, you can even affordably customize some jewelry for a truly personal touch.

Many options come in pairs so that you and a friend can match, but you can also find sets of three or more matching pieces if you run in a larger crew. And if you aren’t keen about matching jewelry, there are pieces that you can purchase solo, too. In case you’re feeling crafty, I’ve also included a jewelry-making kit to make fun, completely one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Tell your best friend or friends how much they mean to you with one of these pieces of jewelry, which are all available on Amazon.

1. This Set Of Interlocking Necklaces You Can Personalize

Keep your BFF’s name close to your heart (and vice versa) with this set of heart-shaped friendship necklaces. The two-piece set of interlocking necklaces can be engraved with names in a font of your choosing. They’re made of stainless steel and come in different tones, some of which feature 18-karat-gold plating (like the one featured above). The chain is also made of stainless steel, and comes with an extender to add 2 inches to the necklace. As a bonus, it’s sold in sets ranging from two to six pieces.

  • Available styles: 34

One reviewer wrote: “I love this! Me and my best friend are long distance so it was such a nice gift to give to her and I would 100% recommend getting this for you and your friends. This necklace looked amazing and the carving of the names were really well done and really good quality. It was not bulky at all it looked really minimalistic. I overall love it.”

2. A Bracelet That Says “I Love You” In Morse Code

Say “I love you” in a subtle way with this beautiful beaded bracelet. The message is expressed in Morse code with dot- and dashed-shaped beads strategically strung to convey the sentiment. Want to express your love with a different phrase? There are dozens of other options available, including humorous ones. Alternatively, you can even customize the bracelet with your own message of up to 15 characters. The bracelet is made of stainless steel. This version comes with 18-karat gold plating, but silver-toned options are available, too.

  • Available styles: 125

One reviewer wrote: “Cute and good quality for the money spent!”

3. This Heart-Shaped Necklace Set With Tons Of Options

Like the above set, these interlocking friendship necklaces tap into a now-classic shape for BFF jewelry: the heart. Engraved on the front of the charms is a sweet message you can only read in full when the two pendants are placed together. It states: “Side by side or miles apart, best friends like us stay close at heart” — but you can also choose from three other friendship-inspired inscriptions. They’re made of stainless steel that comes in black, gold (pictured), silver, and rose-gold tones.

  • Available styles: 23

One reviewer wrote: “My best friend loved my gift! Shes moving to a different state and it was a great going away present.”

4. A Customizable Set Of Necklaces For Your Whole Group

Show your whole friend group some love with this customizable necklace set. The necklaces each have a puzzle-piece pendant, and the pendants are designed to fit together. Best of all, they can be customized with your friends' names. This version comes with eight pieces, but it also comes in sets with as few as two, three, and four pieces. All are made of stainless steel and available in black, blue, gold, and silver (pictured) tones, as well as versions without any engraving.

  • Available styles: 38

One reviewer wrote: “They turned out beautiful! Me and my friends love them!”

5. A Fan-Favorite Cuff Bracelet With An Engraved Message

With an 4.8-star overall rating after more than 28,000 customers have chimed in, this friendship cuff bracelet is beloved by many shoppers. While it may look simple at first glance, the bracelet features small details with lots of meaning: There are teensy hearts etched into either side of the cuff, and the inner side has a brief, heartfelt engraving which reads, “Friends are the family we choose.” The bracelet is made out of stainless steel, making it resistant to tarnishing and rust.

  • Available styles: 128

One reviewer wrote: “Great product and price. I got this gift for my best friend and she absolutely loved it. Cute packaging and the bracelet itself is sturdy. Love how meaningful it is! Absolutely recommend.”

6. A Simple Friendship Necklace Set With Gemstone Charms

While they come as a duo, the pieces of this friendship necklace set are distinct. One has a light blue gemstone charm and the other an orange one. Each is strung on a delicate metal chain that’s plated with 14-karat gold. As an added bonus, the chain is adjustable between 16 and 17.5 inches. One thing to keep in mind? The brand recommends that you remove the jewelry during a shower, workout, or swim, presumably to preserve the gold plating. Shop it as a pair, or as a three-piece set for a few more dollars.

  • Available styles: 1

One reviewer wrote: “SOOOOO beautiful. My bestfriend and I love it. Definitely recommend it for a gift.”

7. A Value Pack Of Traditional Woven Friendship Bracelets

Take a trip down memory lane with this set of braided friendship bracelets. The bracelets are handcrafted out of multicolored thread and come in a set of 10, making them a total steal. It’s a perfect set if you and your BFF like to stack several bracelets on your wrists — or if you share your heart with more than one bestie. As a nice sparkly touch, each bracelet also features gold-tone metal beads (though the manufacturer doesn’t specify exactly what the metal is). It also fits most wrists, thanks to the adjustable slip knot.

  • Available styles: 2

One reviewer wrote: “I give them away as friendship bracelets and I wear them. They are well made, I like the lil gold beads, they add some pizazz, and everyone seems to brighten up when they get these as well. Great product, good seller, happy with the price, I will be ordering more!”

8. A Friendship Ring You Can Customize With Your Names

This spiral friendship ring can be engraved with two names in the font of your choice. Made out of stainless steel, in gold or silver tones, the ring can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, according to reviewers. One tradeoff is that it only comes in one size, and while it’s designed to be adjustable, it’s best suited for ring sizes seven to nine.

  • Available styles: 2

One reviewer wrote: “My friend doesn’t really wear a lot of rings, but this one she loves. She has gotten so many compliments on this! She loves that it doesn’t touch, just in case it were to get too tight and needed to be removed. It fits perfectly, without being too tight or too loose, she normally wears a size 8 on her ring finger. And the quality looks good! The only downside I would say is that you don’t get to choose a size, but because it isn’t a closed circle ring, it can change sizes.”

9. A Gold-Plated Friendship Necklace With An Opal Pendant

If you think your friend might appreciate something with a little sparkle, check out this friendship necklace. It features a thin chain with 14-karat gold plating and a bar-shaped opal pendant for an affordable way to adorn your BFF with some polished shimmer. Both the pendant and the adjustable chain are made of brass (which comes in gold, silver, and rose gold tones), and one reviewer wrote that it’s “great quality” for the price. Shop this pick as a single piece or a pair.

  • Available styles: 5

One reviewer wrote: “i loved the whole necklace. the words, the style. very beautiful! i gave to a best friend at work for christmas and she absolutely loved it.”

10. A Set Of Token Friendship Bracelets For You & Your Two BFFs

This three-piece set of friendship bracelets is made for you and two of your BFFs, and each one is adorned with a heart. The bracelets are strung with a single nylon cord and have an adjustable slip knot to fit most wrist sizes. The manufacturer doesn’t indicate what the heart is made with, but some reviewers have attested that the bracelets have withstood frequent wear.

  • Available styles: 4

One reviewer wrote: “I love these three cute bracelets! I gave one to my older sister for her birthday, gave the other to my mom and kept one for myself! We wear them all the time as a reminder of the love we carry with us!”

11. A Knotted Friendship Ring Made With Stainless Steel

Designed in the shape of a love knot, this friendship ring is made to last. It’s crafted out of durable stainless steel, and one reviewer described, “I have worn this ring daily for 2 months and it still looks new.” It’s available in four colors: black, gold, silver, and rose gold. The ring can fit is offered in sizes three through 13.

  • Available styles: 4

One reviewer wrote: “I really love this knot ring and I think it is a very pretty and dainty piece. I bought this as a pinky ring for my best friend and I. We both have pretty thin fingers so we went with a size 2. This size was perfect for our pinkies and it's definitely one of my favorite rings I own. Highly recommend purchasing!”

Also Great: A Friendship Bracelet-Making Kit For DIY Jewelry

If quality time is your best friend’s love language, why not make friendship bracelets together? This bracelet-making kit includes everything you need to craft your own unique jewelry: a mini-loom and 12 different colors of thread. If you want some assistance, there are tons of YouTube tutorials, including this simple how-to to get you started and a walk-through for making necklaces when you’re feeling extra crafty.

One reviewer wrote: “Takes some practice but makes really unique and super-cute bracelets. I highly recommend for older kids or teens (or fun adults!)”