Best Eyeliner Sharpeners

The 4 Best Eyeliner Sharpeners

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Your favorite makeup pencil is only as good as its point. That’s why the best eyeliner sharpeners are a worthy investment. Almost all top-selling options have sharp steel blades and a compact, travel-friendly shape — but in order to find the best pick for you, consider the diameter of the sharpener and the specific design features that make it easier than ever to achieve the perfect cat-eye or a punch of color.

Since eyeliner pencils come in all different shapes and sizes, you want to make sure that the sharpener fits your go-to brand. The most popular sharpeners have a “universal” design with multiple holes so you can sharpen thin and thick eyeliner pencils alike. (This often means you’re able to sharpen shadow, lip, and eyebrow pencils, too.) While the diameters were not available for these products, I listed the recommended pencil size for each sharpener; it’s especially important to check this information when you’re opting for a single-hole design.

Next, consider which additional features you might appreciate: Do you want a cap that catches all the shavings from your go-to eyeliner? How about a built-in cleaning pick? Would you benefit from an all-metal design that lasts for years without cracking?

These four options offer those perks and more, which is why they’re some of the highest-rated on Amazon. Best yet, none will cost you more than $10.

1. The Most Affordable

The Revlon Universal Points sharpener has more than 12,000 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating, with more than 82% of buyers giving it a perfect five stars. Thanks to the two hole sizes and removable adapter ring, it’s designed to give you fast, precise tips on small, medium, and large pencils (even tricky gel liners), and it works for both wooden and plastic types, too. Finally, it’s durable, easy to clean, and the cap actually stays on in your makeup bag. That’s pretty impressive considering it costs just $3.

  • Recommended pencil size: small, medium, large

One reviewer wrote: “Finally! A sharpener that doesn’t fall apart, break, or break the tip of the eyeliner pencil every time I go to use it. [...] I’ve finally found one that does what it’s supposed to, and the cap actually stays on!”

2. The Most Mess-Free Option

Thanks to its lipstick-like shape, the Julep pencil sharpener has ample room to catch and securely contain your shavings. It also has a German-made carbon steel blade, which sharpens tips without breakage, and an included pick that makes it easy to clean it out when needed. As a result, it’s the most mess-free option. Its standard-size hole works on most small eyeliner and lip liner pencils, including gel formulas.

  • Recommended pencil size: small

One reviewer wrote: “The best I’ve tried so far! This contains the shavings without the lid popping off and making a big mess like some do. And it has not chewed up my Urban Decay eye pencils as others I’ve used.”

3. The Best Metal Eyeliner Sharpener

Because the whole thing is made from metal (not just the blade), the Sun’s Out precision sharpener is a durable pick. The blade is crafted from long-lasting stainless steel, while the body features sturdy, textured aluminum. It also has two different holes, one on either side, so it can sharpen both standard and larger pencils. According to reviewers, its results are clean, pointed tips almost every time, and it’s “worth the money” because it lasts. However, this one doesn’t have a built-in catch for shaving, so it might not be the best for on-the-go use.

  • Recommended pencil size: small, large

One reviewer wrote: “Works great! This sharpener is so simple in its design that I can believe someone didn't come up with this sooner. It is metal vs. plastic which means it won't crack from overuse.”

4. The Best Jumbo Eye Pencil Sharpener

Finally, for wider liners, there’s this jumbo sharpener from Lord & Berry, which is designed for both wood and non-wood cosmetics. (It also works on lip crayons, shadow pencils, and eyebrow pencils.) In addition to the super-sharp steel blade, it also has a yellow lever that lets you adjust it to create your ideal tip, whether that’s a more rounded or pointed tip. Last but not least, the built-in pick helps you remove stuck shavings or smudges inside the tool. However, since there’s no built-in shavings catch.

  • Recommended pencil size: jumbo

One reviewer wrote: “This is the only pencil sharpener that fits the jumbo eye pencils I love. Others may say they accommodate large makeup pencils but I wasted my money on two others before I finally found this one that works!”