Here's How You Can Snag The *Cutest* Barbie-Themed Merch For Her 60th Birthday

by Kelsi Zimmerman
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Courtesy of Barbie

If you can believe it, Barbie turned 60 this year — she sure does look young for her age. And to celebrate, Mattel came up with a Barbie Truck that will travel across select states throughout the U.S. on what has been dubbed the Totally Throwback Tour. That's right, Barbie's Totally Throwback Tour Truck is selling the cutest, most nostalgic clothes, accessories, and goodies as it makes stops in six states and counting over the next 18 months.

The Barbie Truck is selling exclusive merch that can only be purchased in-person from the truck when it is at one of its stops. So if copping some of this exclusive Barbie gear is something that you're interested in, then you'll want to add one of the designated tour stops to your list of places to travel to.

The first stop on the Totally Throwback Tour is on Wednesday, July 31 at the Barbie Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. After that, the truck will be stopping at The Grove Farmers Market in Los Angeles, California in September, and then the Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine, California in October. The tour will end in December 2020 at a place that has not yet been announced. For the full list of the tour dates, be sure to check out the Barbie Truck section of

Courtesy of Barbie

Now for the fun part: all of the Barbie merch that you can expect to cop from the Barbie Truck. As mentioned, each product is only available for purchase exclusively on the Totally Throwback Tour when it is sold through the truck but lucky for you I've rounded up some of the key pieces from the new collection so you can scope them out before copping them on the tour.

Courtesy of Barbie

If you're someone who wants a full look at all of the patches, necklaces, wallets, nail polishes, clothes, and yes, even cookies, then be sure to check out the full list of tour stops on, grab the Teresa to your Barbie, and plan your next big adventure.

Vinyl Fanny Pack

Courtesy of Barbie

In typical Totally Throwback fashion, the brand has infused a sense of nostalgia with Barbie's world with this Barbie Vinyl Fanny Pack. The iridescent, translucent fanny pack has a black strap with the Barbie logo across it and can be worn to your next festival or used for everyday wear — your choice.

Jean Dad Hat

Courtesy of Barbie

For the days that you don't feel like washing or styling your hair, you can throw on this denim Barbie hat and show your love for the doll while covering up that bed head.

Boombox Vinyl Shopper Tote

Courtesy of Barbie

Nothing says nostalgia quite like a large boombox, except for a large Barbie-themed boombox. This large vinyl Barbie boombox tote can be used as a purse, a shopping tote, or to carry your laptop to and from work or class.

Courtesy of Barbie

If you plan on visiting the Barbie Truck on one of its stops then you can cop two Barbie-inspired nail polishes. There's a cobalt metallic blue and a sheer light pink so you can officially rock a Barbie mani.

Denim Jacket

Courtesy of Barbie

This long, distressed denim jacket bares the Barbie logo across the back and can be worn casually with a pair of leggings to run errands, or paired with a slip dress for your next night out. So it's perfect if you also want to rock a conversation starter.

These are just some of the goods that are being sold on the Barbie Truck on the Totally Throwback Tour over the next 18 months. So if you want to see all of the items that the truck has to offer, then pay close attention to and keep your eye on the tour schedule.

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