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Manicure with a constellation map pattern on a cosmic background, good for astrology nail art ideas ...
This Astrology Nail Art Is Just What Your Zodiac Sign Needs

The stars have aligned on these designs.


You don’t need to pull up your natal chart to know that an astrology manicure is written in the stars for you. There are so many ways you convey your love of the cosmos, and shouting out your sun sign on your nails is a great place to begin. Whether you prefer opulence like a Taurus or would rather keep things subtle and light like a Cancer, there’s a perfect astrological manicure out there for you.

Beyond being very TikTok trendy, your zodiac sign likely means a fair deal to you, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you check Co—Star every day, just like me. Even if you don’t believe in the zodiac, it’s a fun way to look into yourself and examine your faults and winning traits. Besides, imagine the power of simply showing off your nails the next time someone asks you what your big three is.

So, here’s a roundup of nail ideas you could easily DIY, and a few you’ll find yourself calling your nail technician for. Honestly, there are options for every type of nail style you love. No matter what your zodiac sign is, you’ll find yourself in desperate need of a nail touch-up once you check out all these astrology-inspired manicures and nail art ideas.

Astrology Nail Art Ideas: Witchy Gold

This witchy gold manicure is not for the faint of heart. The inky black background really lets all the gold detailing pop. You may, however, have to be prepared to spend well over an hour at the salon to capture all the intricate pieces in this look.

Astrology Nail Art Ideas: Stick To Your Symbols

Another way to enjoy the sparkling effect of your zodiac sign is by using a shimmering base coat and detailing on your zodiac’s symbol. This manicure is still super glamorous, and is something you could pull off from the comfort of your own home (if you have very steady hands).

Astrology Nail Art Ideas: The Milky Way

Although less on the nose, @JulieGBeauty’s manicure gives off serious Milky Way energy. The marble style makes it look like the cosmos are coming to life across your fingertips. It’s a more colorful option while still being subtle.

Astrology Nail Art Ideas: Simple Shine

Bring out your star stickers and top gloss, because this astrology manicure is so easy and looks so sharp on the nails. You can even use a thin brush and a silver polish to carefully paint your sun sign’s symbol.

Astrology Nail Ideas: Plot Your Constellations

To show off your zodiac sign’s constellation, carefully plot the stars over a midnight blue polish. The best part is that if you’re feeling ambitious, you can add your rising and moon constellations for a super out-of-this-world look.

Astrology Nail Art Ideas: Break Out The Full Zodiac

If you’re up for a challenge, this manicure with not only the entire zodiac’s symbols but also the constellations is right up your alley. However, these nails definitely require an ultra thin brush to get everything just right.