We Designed Nail Art For Each Zodiac Sign & You’ll Actually Want To Wear Yours

by Rosey Baker
Elite Daily

Once you start loving astrology, there's really no going back. You start to learn about how each of the signs expresses themselves in their own unique ways. You get curious about the signs with an insatiable thirst, and if you're like me, that insatiable thirst for more zodiac knowledge quickly invades every aspect of your life. Before long, you see how your zodiac sign can influence beauty products, lipstick shades, and even nail art. I combined my love of all things zodiac with my love of all things beauty to come up with zodiac nail art designs for each and every sign, and I'm pretty sure you're gonna love them.

Nail artist Alicia Torello came into the offices at Elite Daily to bring her magic to life using Essie's gorgeous colors and shades. She's a Libra, the sign ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and creativity -- and she's an absolute pro -- so we knew we could trust her judgment. These interpretations aren't your typical zodiac nail art designs. We went a bit further beyond the surface level "fire for Aries" and "water for Pisces" looks you're used to. Check out which one is best suited for your star sign.


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

Aries are feminine and masculine, fierce yet tender. Fittingly, the pale pink hue used here is called "Play Date" by Essie, and is a true testament to its playful nature. They are the first to leap into battle, especially if they are battling in honor of someone who cannot fight for themselves. For Aries, we chose a pastel pink to represent that compassionate, softer side of Aries, and a metallic silver to represent the sword they're ready to draw for the causes they believe in. 


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

Taurus is the springtime; they are sensual, earthy, and sentimental. They are grounded, and as determined as the flowers that spring up during the month of their birth. They tend to have a taste for antiques, for all things vintage, and so we chose a fun, '70s retro-floral look. After all, the '70s were a wild time, and Taurus loves to party.


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

Gemini is the sign of communications, journalism, television, and media, and in honor of their ruling planet being in retrograde, we went with the look of the old broadcast television bars that show up when signals are waiting to be picked up. Not to mention, this allowed us to use several bright colors, since we know two-sided Gemini would never want to choose just one.


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

Cancers are ruled by the moon, and their many moods change as often as the tides, so we used a nice nude pastel to represent their naked emotional life, and the colors sweeping in from the sides to show the movement of their emotional life.

Each nail has a different color to display the different qualities of their feelings as well.


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

We needed something as bold and dramatic as Leo is in order to properly represent this sign. Think of the stars of old Hollywood, their bold lip colors and the way they'd faint into one another's arms when it wasn't really necessary. (Leo would argue that it was.)

For the sign of self-expression, we chose a bright gold (Leo's are very noble) and a bold red. We think Madonna would approve.


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

Virgo, the sign of the virgin, appreciates simplicity and straightforwardness. Nothing too expressive or out-of-this world would suit them, but understated beauty and detailed work will set their spirits soaring. We chose white flowers to represent Virgo's symbol of the virgin, but we also made sure that the design was detailed enough to impress their perfectionist side.


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

Lovers of art, creativity, and fancy things, Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, which governs beauty, love, and creativity. We decided to go with a pattern that resembles contemporary modern art you'd see in a museum, because as much as Libra loves a beautiful art piece, they doubly appreciate it when they know it's worth millions.


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

Scorpios are a passionate bunch. We chose the base color scheme to symbolize how deeply they feel things: deep blues to show they are one of the most sensitive of the water signs, and deep purples and reds to symbolize, well, how passionate they are in bed.

The black triangles at the bottom of each nail represent the influence of Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, over the lives of every Scorpio. Fittingly, it was created with an Essie polish called "Wicked." This planet ensures that no Scorpio experience is ever lost on them. They are transformed over and over again in their lives by the people around them.


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

Sagittarius people are philosophically curious, and their love of travel comes from a need to satisfy their curiosity. The nail art we came up with for Sagittarius needed to represent the many directions they could decide to go in, and the maps they might use to arrive there.


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

Capricorns and their fancy taste deserve some nail art to showcase that. They work hard for their money, and for the gold and riches that they earn, no matter what their fortune may be. We gave them a gold background with a speckled gold overlay to represent that cash they work so hard for.


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

Aquarians are innovators, the "Ziggy Stardust" of the zodiac, and their revolutionary spirit deserved to be represented. We chose to go with an ombre turquoise for the water bearers, and a silver base for their technologically inclined minds. The metallic blue used here is called "Girly Grunge" by Essie, and we think Bowie would approve.


Elite Daily/Ashley Batz

Pisces, the soft, sweet, sensitive caretakers of the zodiac, always with their heads somewhere in outer space. Pisces are dreamers and psychics, so it only made sense for us to choose a design that satisfied their intuition. We went with a simple, soft design to represent their ruling planet, Neptune, which governs psychic visions and the subconscious voices that guide them.