13 Cheap Leather Jackets Trending For Fall 2018, If You Dig That Instant Cool Factor

Zara/ Topshop

Autumn's signature crisp chill is on its way, meaning you're going to need to start pulling out your scarves, mittens, and outerwear before you know it. Cheap leather jackets for fall 2018 are the perfect transition for both their goes-with-anything style and wind-blocking abilities, so if your cold weather wardrobe doesn't already include one I'd suggest rectifying that stat. Many real leather jackets can cost upwards of $300, which, ouch. I certainly don't have that kind of cash to drop on a singular piece of fall clothing!

If you're savvy and hint for cheaper iterations, though, or if you're open to faux leather jackets (which you should be because faux leather is so good these days), you can find a slew of excellent options that won't break the bank. Whether you prefer the bomber coat silhouette or something with more of a biker style, fur-lined or hoodie equipped, there's an under-$150 leather jacket out there for you this season. Check out the 13 options below and snag one before the leaves start to fall. Whether you pair it with a dress and heeled booties or a cozy sweater and jeans, it'll complement your look effortlessly.

Quilting Circle

This classic leather motorcycle jacket features quilting detail along the bodice, which features a more fitted silhouette and double zipper trompe l'oeil design detail.

Hell's Angel

Another classic moto style, this jacket features a boxier silhouette, shoulder stripe details, and a faux belt detail.

Give Me A Hug

This literally looks like a wearable inside-out teddy bear. It's lined with a plush faux fur for ultimate warmth and comes in an oversized silhouette. I want to live in this.

Classic Cool

No brand does classic American style better than Levi's, which means this moto jacket is sure to be ace.

Chop Chop!

If you're a love of all things high-waisted, this cropped leather jacket might be for you. Thanks to its plain square pockets and minimalistic design it's got a very sleek and streamlined feel to it.

Bomb Dot Com

The classic bomber gets an '80s update thanks to a soft faux leather material. The main standout design element of this jacket is its lack of a collar. Sometimes, less is more.


A classic biker jacket with tons of tiny little silver-zippered pockets. If you like to carry around your belongings in your jacket rather than in a bad, consider this option.

Head Space

This style comes with a built-in sweatshirt hood that's easily removable if it's not your style. It also features gold hardware, which is a nice reprieve from the silver detailing that typically dominates black leather jackets.

The White Stripes

This option's got a bit of a race car driver vibe to it and would look killer with a pair of long black wide leg trousers and white sneakers. Sporty sleek at its best!

Tell Me About It, Stud

Yes, galaxies are wearable.

No Sweat

But yes, sweatshirt. This style also features a comfy hood for those of you who want warm ears along with your warm core.

Silver Linings

It's boxy, it's got a notched collar, and it features a buckle belt. It's the ultimate classic moto jacket.

Maroon 5

Faux fur in an oxblood shade? Doesn't get cozier than that.