This Is The Argentine Playboy Model Who Allegedly Slept With Lionel Messi

Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi is often hailed as not just the greatest soccer player in the world, but the greatest of all time.

Obviously, that's some pretty lofty praise for the little magician, but according to reports, not everyone is singing that same tune.

Xoana Gonzalez is an actress and a model, according to her Instagram page.

And according to recent reports, Gonzalez had sex with Lionel Messi several years ago and recently said the man who can't stop scoring on the soccer pitch isn't even fit to be a benchwarmer in the bedroom.

Speaking on Messi's performance in between the sheets, Gonzalez reportedly said,

It was many years ago. In truth he was very young. But he knew what he was doing, was not minor, that was the important thing. I said that he is the wimp, though because he sent his security to get me. There I noticed that he is very shy. We talked about music and cannot remember if he told me he had a girlfriend or not. After a while we went to his apartment in Puerto Madero.

Here comes the big bombshell. She continued,

When one plays across the whole pitch, you expect someone to return the [favor]. I wanted him to show me more than that. At one point I felt like I was with a dead body.

Talk about a scathing review. I doubt Lionel Messi would confirm or deny these rumors, but in any event, here's a closer look at Xoana Gonzalez, a woman who's now being linked with the greatest soccer player on the planet.

According to reports, Argentine model Xoana Gonzalez had sex with Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi years ago.

She recently claimed Messi was very young at the time and sent his security guards to get her.

Gonzalez said she and Messi chatted about music, but she allegedly can't remember whether or not Messi told her he had a girlfriend.

Speaking on their alleged intimate encounter, Gonzalez reportedly compared having sex with Lionel Messi to sleeping with a "dead body."

At the moment, the 29-year-old soccer superstar is involved with Antonella Roccuzzo, but it certainly appears that wasn't always the case.

According to her Instagram, Xoana Gonzalez is a model, actress and former Playboy star.

It's pretty hard to imagine Messi not being the best at everything he does, but you can understand how a woman like Gonzalez might be a bit intimidating.

I mean, Gonzalez certainly looks like a woman high on confidence who knows what she wants.

On the soccer field, Leo Messi makes defenders looks silly, but it might be a different story when he's competing in a different activity.

Care to add anything to this, Lionel?

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