Last Night's WWE Tribute To Dusty Rhodes Will Give You Chills

Dusty Rhodes wasn't just a wrestling icon, but a real father figure to many WWE performers today.

In the final years of his life, he worked closely with many of today's stars in "NXT" as one of the show's producers and promo coaches.

Because, as we all know, nobody cut a promo quite like Dusty.

Last night at "Money in the Bank," the WWE paid a fitting tribute to the American Dream before the start of the program, and it was the perfect way to begin the night.

The entire WWE roster stood as one, along with Vince McMahon, while the bell tolled 10 times before the "Common Man Boogie" played -- the song Dusty came out to every time he stepped into the ring.

Dusty Rhodes connected with the common man and was loved dearly.

However, his passion for the industry made him different, and we will all remember him for that.