This Insane WWE Bed Is Every Wrestling Fan's Dream Come True

by Julian Sonny

Growing up as a youngin', it was always a dream of mine to step inside a WWE ring and run around the turnbuckles.

Well, 23 years later, and guess what? Dreams don't come always true, kids.

I'm not trippin', but something I saw on Twitter today gave me the hope and inspiration I needed to get through this day.

This is what the greatest bed ever looks like:

Greatest bed ever? Greatest bed EVER! (via @BenjMartin) — WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) March 17, 2015

That's right, motherf*ckers. A. Wrestling. Ring. Bed. Now, that's an adult crib I would probably never leave.

Is this the greatest thing ever made/you've ever seen/best invention of all time?

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin wants you to give him a "hell yeah!"

I guess dreams do come true if you have the time and money, but the real question is this: Will shorty be impressed after she comes to the crib and sees this?

Let's just say she might f*ck around and hit a moonsault off the top rope. Shout out to Lita.

You can now have "WWE Monday Night Raw" live at the crib!