A Woman Puked On Herself At A Baseball Game And Now Is A Very Sad Meme


It was all going so well for this woman. She was doing her best at a between-inning ribbon dancing contest at a minor league baseball game.

The Charleston RiverDogs lost 7-1 to the Columbia Fireflies on Thursday night, but all anyone wants to talk about this morning is the woman who puked all over herself while ribbon dancing on the RiverDogs' field.

Now, there are obviously quite a few things that could've led to this woman puking all over herself. So let's go through them, yes?

First off, she could've been twirling the shit out of that ribbon, which might've made her dizzy enough to puke all over herself. Not buying that?

Well, there's also the possibility that she had some bad Thai food for lunch, and that's why she puked.

Lastly – and this is definitely plausible, considering the fact that we're talking about a minor league baseball game – this woman might've puked all over herself because she was absolutely hammered.

I don't know. But those are just a few of the possible causes of said vomiting.

It gets better, though. This woman is also now a very sad meme, thanks to her puking episode. — Augustus Steranklozo (@davelozo) August 26, 2016 — Augustus Steranklozo (@davelozo) August 26, 2016

I mean, it's the perfect response to any situation, really.

So, the next time you're disgusted with something, just tweet a sequence of pictures of the woman who puked on herself at a minor league baseball game.


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