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This Freestlyer Rapping Over Usher's 'Yeah!' Is Painfully Awkward

Look, as someone who sings in the shower, I'd never tell someone with a less-than-professional-quality singing voice to be quiet, but this 26-year-old freestyler rapping over Usher's "Yeah!" needs to be put down with the tranquilizer they didn't use on Harambe.

To say Chris Turner's performance is cringeworthy is like saying LeBron James is a pretty good basketball player. Just take a look at this guy setting the "white dudes trying to be cool" movement back about 75 years.

Apparently, Chris Turner, who's actually a professional freestyle rapper, was hired by English Premier League soccer team West Ham to celebrate the team's new uniform release by entertaining fans with his freestyle rap skills.

Yeah, this man actually got paid for the above "performance."

Does it get more British than a guy rapping about a tailored suit? I think not. Don't worry, though, because Vanilla Ice didn't pay for his new threads with his own cash, it was a graduation gift from his mom.

For whatever reason, Turner thinks he needs to outline the benefits of a custom suit as if we didn't already understand the importance of wearing something that fits.

To finish, he goes in about someone's trousers and receding hairline, also very British, but you might not have gotten that far into the video, which is entirely understandable.

On behalf of white dudes everywhere, I'm sorry, Usher, Lil Jon and Ludacris. Shame on you, West Ham.

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