You'll Be So Jealous Of How Vladimir Putin Celebrated His 63rd Birthday

by Adam Silvers

You celebrate your birthday by getting sauced and crying into your 2 am pizza; the president of Russia celebrates his birthday by organizing a televised game of ice hockey with NHL legends.

Oh, to be a rich oligarch.

As you can see in the video above, Vladimir Putin celebrated his 63rd birthday with a massive ice hockey game, which featured a plethora of NHL legends, including Pavel Bure, and an equally impressive crowd.

Putin's team, "Stars of the NHL," won the game 15 to 10 with his excellency scoring seven goals himself.

There wasn't a shot the goalie let Putin score out of fear for the lives of family and friends, right?

Nah, that's crazy. Putin is clearly better than former NHL stars. Vlad probably celebrated the W with caviar and vodka because pizza and beer are definitely beneath him.

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