Skier Falls Over 1,600 Feet Down A Mountain And Amazingly Survives (Video)


Theoretically, a domestic cat can survive a fall from virtually any height and survive 90 percent of the time. In fact, there's research to back this theory up.

By this logic, I think it's safe to say that Ian McIntosh is at least part feline.

While filming for a new movie called “Paradise Waits,” the professional skier made a near-fatal error and fell over 1,600 feet (more than a quarter of a mile) in Alaska's rugged Neacola Mountains.

By some miracle (or by virtue of his feline prowess), McIntosh survived virtually unscathed.

Witness Eric Henderson says,

Though the terrifying accident happened back in April, the production company for “Paradise Waits” only posted the footage to YouTube last week.

See the stomach-churning video above.

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