Skier Falls Over 1,600 Feet Down A Mountain And Amazingly Survives (Video)

Theoretically, a domestic cat can survive a fall from virtually any height and survive 90 percent of the time. In fact, there's research to back this theory up.

By this logic, I think it's safe to say that Ian McIntosh is at least part feline.

While filming for a new movie called “Paradise Waits,” the professional skier made a near-fatal error and fell over 1,600 feet (more than a quarter of a mile) in Alaska's rugged Neacola Mountains.

By some miracle (or by virtue of his feline prowess), McIntosh survived virtually unscathed.

Witness Eric Henderson says,

[McIntosh] was able to walk away. He's a big guy and he muscled his way [out of the snow].

Though the terrifying accident happened back in April, the production company for “Paradise Waits” only posted the footage to YouTube last week.

See the stomach-churning video above.

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