Snapchat Video Shows Coaches Watching HS Football Team Beat Up A Player

by Adam Silvers
Getty Images

Horrific, disturbing and sickening only begin to describe the emotions conjured by this video of a Georgia varsity football team jumping a junior varsity player.

And, believe it or not, that's just one detail of the entire situation.

The most unbelievable part of last week's News4Jax report on members of the Camden County High School varsity football team beating up a JV player isn't the assault itself; it's the fact at least one coach was allegedly caught on tape watching and supervising the entire incident.

And, someone, presumably another player, recorded the beating on Snapchat, which means the JV player was bruised physically and probably also had to deal with the emotional distress of having the video shared via social media.

According to a police report, the JV player said he was attacked by teammates while three coaches watched.

Grown men, charged with the protection and guidance of high school boys, stood idly by while an entire team pummeled a younger classmate.

You might be curious as to why this took place.

The JV player reportedly told police his teammates were angry with him because during a recent game between Camden County High School and Glynn Academy, he sat on the opposing team's side of the field, wearing a black T-shirt.

The player, who was told, presumably by coaches and varsity team members, to wear a white shirt to the game, sat on that side of the field because his girlfriend is a cheerleader for Glynn Academy.

The JV player also told police two coaches from his own school told several of his own teammates "they need to handle their boy for wearing black."

Shame on these coaches. Shame on the parents who want no action to be taken against their own football team because of what it could mean for the program.

As you can see in the video, the JV player is kicked and hit before being placed headfirst into a trash can and pushed down the hall.

After the attack, he told police one of the three coaches present kicked over the trash can so he could eventually get out.

The JV player now has an attorney and hasn't returned to school since the incident.

One parent, a father of two daughters at the high school, said,

It's an excellent school system, all the way from the top, down. It's a great football team. To me it's a little bit shocking to have seen that.

Just a "bit," huh?

Another parent, who works closely with the Camden County High School football program, said,

I don't condone these types of things but discipline, I think is the way of taking care of it. And I think the school has done that.

Have they, sir?

Here's part of the statement from the superintendent of schools for the Camden County School Board. It was released following a school investigation. The superintendent said,

As a result of the investigation, four students received consequences for their participation in the incident. The investigation into the incident by school officials was thorough and complete and did not indicate any wrongdoing by adults. School officials are cooperating fully with law enforcement and, should their investigation reveal new evidence that adults were complicit in any of the events that occurred, they will be held accountable for their actions.

I don't have to scream and shout. You can draw your own outrage based on the fact the school investigation "did not indicate any wrongdoing by adults."

But let's wait for the new evidence, guys. This video is a bit inconclusive.

I'm all out of words to describe this nonsense. What world are we living in?

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