Hockey Bro Gets Ejected After Chugging A Beer In The Middle Of A Game


Give it up for Jake Anderson! He's seemingly done the impossible and made a college club hockey game noteworthy.

On Friday, the University of Virginia goaltender was in front of his own net and heading into the third period holding a shutout against the in-state rival club team from Virginia Commonwealth University.

With the Cavaliers having a healthy 7-0 lead, Anderson thought he could afford to spare a moment to pat himself on the back, or even have a fan hand him a beer.

Daniel Regester on YouTube

Anderson proceeded to chug the beer like a champ, and this lovely video shows him in full action.

Despite how worthy of a laugh the moment was, refs proceeded to eject Anderson and hand out a five-minute major.

Clearly, they were not amused, and neither was at least one reporter for, who ripped Anderson in a postgame report. The report said,

Whatever. If sports are all about good times and great moments, then Anderson should earn legendary status on UVA's campus, for a week at least.

You won't get any criticism from me, Jake.

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