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Sad UNC Basketball Fans Petition To Reverse The National Championship Result

You just knew something like this was coming, right?

According to reports, it appears UNC basketball fan Michael Kline started a petition to overturn the results of the NCAA National Championship game. As in, Villanova beat UNC, so we just can't let it go.

It appears Kline set up the petition on, and wouldn't you know it, he managed to rally roughly 2,600 supporters.

On the page, Kline wrote,

This game was poorly officiated from the tip off to the end. It was a one sided called game all the way through. The officials called fouls against UNC that should have not been called and never called Villanova for the fouls they committed. The officials never called Villanova for multiple travel violations either. Also I want a complete investigation into the officials as it was them that decided the game not who played better.

Come on, guys, just let it go. Bad calls occur in every sporting event.

'Nova's Kris Jenkins hit a ridiculous game-winning three just seconds after UNC's Marcus Paige hit an even crazier three to tie the game up. Sh*t happens.

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