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Turkish Soccer Fans Boo During Moment Of Silence For Paris Before Game (Video)

About 99 percent of the sporting world reacted to the tragic Paris attacks with reverence and class, but the display last night from many Turkish soccer fans was absolutely appalling.

During a moment of silence for the Paris victims before Turkey's home match against Greece, a large portion of the crowd booed loudly during what was supposed to be a solemn show of respect.

Turkish fans booed a minute of silence on those killed in #ParisAttacks during a match with #Greece. — Zaid Benjamin (@zaidbenjamin) November 17, 2015

In addition to booing, a portion of the crowd reportedly started chanting "Allahu akbar."

Istanbul fans boo minute of silence for Paris attacks, chant "Allahu akbar" before Turkey vs Greece soccer friendly — Ece Toksabay (@ecetoksabay) November 17, 2015

If you listen carefully, you can make out those words in the video below.

This incident is disturbing, but I refuse to believe it represents the entire Turkish population.

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