No Matter What The Media Say, True Wahoos Appreciate UVA's Style

Since we left off on such a high note last year, Virginia basketball fans were most eager to see what this season had in store.

Well, the Virginia men’s basketball team has seen their fair share of wins so far. Their current 25-1 record validates their perseverance and ability to play wholeheartedly as a team.

Even with one heartbreaking loss to Duke, Virginia continues to power through and Wahoo fans couldn’t be happier.

As a current fourth year at UVA, I can truly say the last four years have been an exciting evolution for this team.

Head coach Tony Bennett has built a highly respectable and supportive atmosphere for each team member. Even within the overall college basketball community, Virginia’s game is commended for its symbiotic style.

If you ask any Virginia fan about the team’s success this season, you will hear glowing remarks about Bennett’s work. He has built a program that utilizes cooperation and cohesion within the team.

While some critics may call their game "boring" or "bad for the sport," fans stand in unyielding support for the team’s tactics. Virginia fans sing their praises when it comes down to a strong defense and a slow game.

They play a game other teams could not deliver, and for this, fans are very proud.

When news about ESPN’s College GameDay's visit began to circulate fans’ radar, Virginia was put into a whole new ball game. For the first time in the university’s history, John Paul Jones Arena would host ESPN during its highly anticipated game against no. 5-ranked Duke.

I have never seen fans more excited for this program. Alumni, students and fans within the UVA community, alike, beamed with enthusiasm.

People camped out early in the morning with great hope they would be the first to enter the arena and partake in the traditions of College GameDay.

This award-winning student section did not disappoint. Students, friends of students from other schools, families, alumni, faculty -- everyone came out to support this event.

As a member of the Virginia Dance Team, it was amazing to watch everyone rallying behind the team.

Though it was a tough loss for Virginia that night, everyone stuck it out to the end and left in silence but also anticipation for the remainder of the season.

Having had the opportunity to attend every home game for the past several years, I've seen the energy in the arena go through an optimistic change.

Fans recognize Virginia has a strategy and it works. We have a coach we trust and a team whose interdependence is unmatched.

Each member knows he has a job to do, and they hold each other accountable. Fans find the dynamic of this team highly respectable.

Coach Bennett has built up a program that represents the very principles of this university, so what we have here is a true sense of community.

Moving forward, there is avid speculation about the team’s performance in the ACC and NCAA tournaments. We had an exciting run last year, but what will happen this time?

Well, we know the team is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. It’s time to see all of their hard work pay off.

So, let’s all join hands and give a yell for dear old UVA.

Best of luck to you, Virginia Basketball.