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Tony Romo's Injury Is Bad, But Everyone Is Ready For The Dak Prescott Era

Tony Romo's injury was a literal back-breaker for the Dallas Cowboys.

The extent of the 36-year-old quarterback's injury, which he suffered during Thursday's preseason game against the Seahawks, was revealed on Saturday.

@tonyromo Down with injury sue a scary moment! #HeartAttack — Top Gun Pilot (@TracyWayneNix) August 26, 2016

It's terrible news for the veteran, but almost as soon Romo's fate was reported, people turned their attention to his backup: rookie quarterback Dak Prescott.

And the experts were lightening quick with their preview pieces on how Dak Prescott will perform in Romo's absence.

Translation? Pretty much everyone is ready for the Dak Prescott era to begin in Dallas. Even non-Cowboys fans are excited to see him play.

And it's really no wonder why.

Tony Romo has been injury-prone for a while. He hasn't played a full season since the 2012 campaign, and in his absence, the Cowboys haven't been good, as outlined by this ESPN graphic:

So as the preseason progressed, and Dak Prescott impressed, fans inevitably wondered what would happen if the very probable worst-case scenario happened to Tony Romo.

Now that the worst case has happened to Romo, people are waiting to see if Prescott can be as good as he was during the preseason and can carry that form into the regular season.

Other reasons for excitement? Dak is obviously young (23-years-old), he's a high-profile figure (put his name on the map by helping return Mississippi State to prominence) and Dez Bryant approves of his play.

So, there you have it.

Despite Tony Romo's injury, the Cowboys are on the brink of starting a new era with Dak Prescott and another rookie, their crop top-wearing running back, Ezekiel Elliott.

What a time.