This NFL Quarterback Just Found Out His Baby's Gender In The Cutest Way Ever

In these crazy times we're currently living in, it feels like everyone needs to put everything on social media. Do I really need to know how your shit looked this morning? Is nothing sacred anymore?

Folks are literally out here trying to one-up each other for best marriage proposal ever. We have Instagram accounts like HowHeAsked crushing the game. I live with my girlfriend; trust me, I know.

However, the video Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage just posted on Twitter revealing the gender of his baby is adorable and on point. As you can see in the video below, this NFL gunslinger was surrounded by his loved ones in the backyard as he dropped back and rifled a pass through a piñata to make it rain pink confetti.

It's a girl!

If you look closely, you'll see it looks like Tom Savage was blindfolded when he threw that pass, which means his wife presumably came up with the most creative way ever to inform Savage what the gender of their baby is.

This is clearly a moment of unbridled joy for the Savage family, but is anyone worried about what would've happened if he didn't break the piñata with his first throw? What if it took, like, six throws? Man, that would've been awkward.

In any event, congrats, Tom Savage!

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