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Video Shows Moment Tim Tebow's 'Miracle' Prayer Seems To Heal Unconscious Fan

Tim Tebow seemingly pulled off a modern day miracle on Tuesday.

No, he didn't turn his baseball career into an instant success (that's actually going to take a lot of work). But he did end up comforting a man with prayer after the man had fallen on the floor during a seizure.

Now he's getting credit for being in the right place at the right time with the right prayers.

Daniel Kelly told the Associated Press he and his wife, Samantha, had started praying for their suffering friend. When Daniel looked up, Tebow was praying beside them while placing a hand on the man's leg.

Kelly said,

An amazing moment. It was a miracle moment that happened there.

Kelly would later upload a video showing the interaction between Tebow and the fan, Brandon Berry.

Tebow prays and stays with my friend after he has seizure #howardstern #NewsDayZimbabwe #newsnight #newsradio #NewsSources #NewStory #ESPN — Whatever it Takes (@danielkellybook) October 12, 2016


The incident happened at the Camelback Ranch stadium in Glendale, Arizona, where Tebow had been signing autographs following his first game for the Mets' Arizona Fall League team.

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The suffering fan experienced violent shakes and was foaming at the mouth, according to multiple reports.

According to Kelly, the man had been in the sun for the majority of the game (records indicate it was 97 degrees in the Phoenix area on Tuesday).

After recovering, Berry told the Associated Press,

I just remember just being very disoriented. Then I saw Tim.

Talk about an angel in the outfield.

Tim Tebow is no stranger to bringing prayer to the playing field. The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner was famous for his kneeling celebrations when he entered the NFL.

He's consistently touted his Christian faith ever since his days as a quarterback at the University of Florida.

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So now, it's official. Tebow's in-stadium prayers have made a full transition from the football field to the baseball diamond.

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