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Tim Tebow Hit A Home Run In His First Professional At-Bat And Everyone Lost It

Tim Tebow wasted no time.

On the first pitch of his first at-bat for his first minor league baseball game, the former quarterback hit a home run.

He has the clutch gene! Tim Tebow hits his first home run on the first pitch in instructional league (via @LFTorresIII, @TCPalm) — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) September 28, 2016

Tebow hit the ball out of the park for the New York Mets' instructional league team, which is based in Port St. Lucie, Florida. And with Tim Tebow being Tim Tebow, the home run had people going crazy on Twitter.

Normally, a home run in an instructional league game would not be news — in fact, some people probably didn't even know the instructional league existed — but Tebow's not a normal guy.

Prior to Wednesday, the former Heisman Trophy winner had not played an organized game of baseball since his junior year of high school. In fact, the 29-year-old had not played in a non-exhibition professional sports game since 2012.

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Before joining the Mets organization, Tim Tebow was (and still is) knee deep in a broadcasting career that saw him regularly appear on ESPN and, at times, Good Morning America.

He still works as a college football analyst, too, since his contract allows him to work on the weekends.

But while he's at it, he figured he'd try out a professional career, which he's now officially begun with a home run in his first appearance. No big deal.

Oh, and it's obvious why people love Tebow as well. The guy is a legend at the University of Florida where he won a National Championship and, as mentioned before, the Heisman.

Plus, he's super passionate and super religious, and both traits are part of the public persona that his fans love.

So yeah, don't expect to stop hearing about him anytime soon, especially if he hits more home runs.

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