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A Letter From Tiger Woods Helped Change A Young Fan's Thoughts On Suicide


This, from Tiger Woods, is beautiful.

The world's most recognizable golfer sent this heartfelt letter to a young fan who struggles with stuttering, was tortured by bullying and had contemplated suicide.

The note above helped change that.

The story behind the letter goes as follows:

Last week, Golf Digest writer Ron Sirak wrote a story on former professional golfer Sophie Gustafson, who also struggles with stuttering.

Sophie is a mentor to Woods' young fan, Dillon, and told Sirak the constant teasing from other kids pushed Dillon into attempting suicide.

After seeing the article, though, Tiger's people quickly got in touch with Sirak, in order to get Dillon's contact information. By Sunday, Woods had gotten in touch with the young fan via that touching letter, which prompted Sophie to send Sirak this text message:

But the response from Dillon, who wrote a thank-you email to Sirak, was so much more powerful.

Thank you, Tiger Woods.

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