The Spurs Got Wasted Like Champions After Their Playoff Elimination (Video)

You can't take anything away from the defending champion San Antonio Spurs after they got knocked out of the first round.

Sure, they lost to the Clippers in an epic Game 7 thanks to a legendary performance from Chris Paul, but did you really think they were going to leave town with their heads hanging low?

Tony Parker, Boris Diaw and Tim Duncan, among others, all decided to hit the club in LA after the loss where they drank the night away and turned up like true champions.

Just one year removed from taking down LeBron and the Miami Heat in the 2014 Finals, the team is now getting vacation started way earlier than they're used to.

Let's just hope their livers stay in tact. The big question is: Will Timmy return for a 19th season?

If this is the way he goes out, then he has nothing to be ashamed of.