WWE Drama: The Rock Admitted He Almost Actually Whooped John Cena's Ass In Real Life

You don't talk sh*t about The Great One and not expect consequences.

In a recent interview with Muscle And Fitness, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson admitted comments made by John Cena back in 2012 were enough to make their rivalry real.

John had said some things in an interview that I took exception [In essence, that the Rock cared only about being an actor not about wrestling or WWE fans]. He felt they were okay, I felt that they weren’t okay.

This isn't something that hasn't happened before in the sports entertainment industry, but whenever the lines are blurred between the WWE universe and actual reality, it's must-watch television.

But, just how real did things get for everyone backstage and around the two as the wrestlers geared up for their epic clash? According to The Rock, very uncomfortably real.

It got really uncomfortable for a lot of people. And it gets uncomfortable for the fans – that they sense something. But then when it gets uncomfortable for the wrestlers and to the executives and the company, then it’s something special.

The two are, of course, good friends today and have since squashed their beef, but fans watching their rivalry between Wrestlemania 28 and Wrestlemania 29 witnessed some of the realest sports entertainment ever -- guys who actually hated each other!

I’d say ‘John, here’s what I’m going to say tonight: Go f*ck yourself.’ He’d say, ‘Well, here’s going to be my response: F*ck you, too.’ I mean, it was like that. And it was palpable for the fans, and it was palpable backstage. And I would never be like that under any other circumstance. I’m collaborative with everyone I work with.

Luckily, both men decided to not let their egos get the best of them and stuck to the script.

That doesn't take away from the fact that, according to Johnson, the two nearly came to blows both backstage and in the ring.

But in this case, it worked out very well and through all that edge and attitude and bite that we had and nearly coming to blows backstage and one night in the ring — literally we were nose-to-nose, it was any second. And through that in a crazy, weird completely unexplained way, we became great buds.

To put it best, The Rock was testing Cena and making sure he had what it took to be a champion.

The two were willing to push their WWE commitment to the next level by creating actual disdain for each other, and it paid off.

He’s a great guy. He’s one of the best guys out there, but here’s what we realized: If we wanted to build the two biggest matchups back-to-back and create something special in Miami and in New York, we’re going to do it this way. And we might fail miserably at it. People might think it’s not real or you run into the challenge of the potential for people to go, ‘It’s so real that it’s not real.’

via Muscle And Fitness, Top Photo Courtesy: WWE