The Lingerie Fighting Championship Is Either The Best Or Worst Thing To Happen To MMA (Video)

It was only a matter of time.

With Lingerie Football League as the template for taking two things guys love and combining them into one product (football and fit women dressed provocatively), the LFC takes the rising popularity of MMA and combines it with the pageantry and storylines of WWE, the drama and hilarity of reality TV and sexualized combat between fetishized, costumed women.

The league is spearheaded by Roni Taylor, whose idea spawned the project, according to the LFC's About Us page.

"Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC) was founded by Roni Taylor after seeing two ring girls get into a fight at an MMA event and realizing the audience was more interested in that fight than any of the real fights.

"She runs the league with an iron fist and recruits only the hottest girls to fight for her.

"The LFC is a throw-back to old-time MMA in that there are no weight divisions. All the fighters train full-time at the LFC training facility under the direction of coaches Jason Parsons (former MMA fighter and trainer and Roni's husband) and Arik Loegen (former pro wrestler).

"The girls are split into two teams, one coached by Jason and the other by Arik (who dubs his team 'Arik's Angels')."

The matches are aired on Pay Per View television, with the next fight happening on Friday, April 11 at 9 pm. The league is both gimmicky and tittified, something that shouldn't bother the target audience for this type of entertainment.

LFC: for when you need more expensive cheap thrills than the WWE channel and porn websites can add up to.

H/T: Uproxx