The Giants Suck: The Best Of Eli Manning's Confused Face This Season

by Julian Sonny

It's absolutely absurd how awful the New York Giants are playing this season. Who would've thought that Geno Smith would be the most effective quarterback in NYC this year? No one. And what a year to tank it, when they're hosting the Super Bowl in February. I guess that home city curse is real.

The Giants' piss poor play could be credited to a lot of things. A makeshift offensive line who can't block for sh*t, or a defense that gives up 34.8 points a game (the most in the NFL), but it's really the quarterback who got them where they are.

Eli Manning is their leader, and up until this season, he was just that. In six straight losses, he's thrown 15 interceptions and that cost his team the win every game. What a bum. How does Eli feel about all this? Well his stupid face says it all. Damn, it sucks to be a Giants fan.

Top Photo Courtesy of: ESPN, All Photos and GIFs Courtesy of Twitter